Bringing a console to BYOC?

So this’ll be my first year at Evo, and I was wondering how exactly does bringing your own console to the BYOC area work. On one hand I could potentially bring my 360 and play some VF5 or whatever and that’d be cool, but on the other hand what happens when I go somewhere else, is it safe to just leave my console there for others to molest?

Put otherwise, do people usually leave their consoles mostly unsupervised because Evo is a nice enough crowd, or do they pack up everything in their backpack every night / when they have a match?

In a related question, do owners of said consoles usually veto their right to play or is it more of a rotation?

Every year there is always a handful of people who lose things, ie. get their shit stolen. Unless you have someone you trust to look after your stuff during a match, I suggest you take your stuff with you if you are expecting to leave for more than 5 minutes. Ok, I may be exaggerating the minutes there, but I’m not joking about people getting their stuff misplaced/taken. Occasionally check on your console if you’re playing tournament matches. But be sure to come back to your match area so we don’t DQ you.

If it’s your console, you get to play it. Mark your stuff, label it, brand it, anything.

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Basically…if you have a BYOC system set up…it’s a good idea to keep watch of it. There’s nobody policing the shit to make sure shit doesn’t get stolen. There are no setups that are put in animal cages provided by the staff like at anime and game cons n shit. If you’re nice enough to bring a console for BYOC…it’s your responsibility to keep track of that shit. It helps if you’re one of those guys that has a hard on for some crazy game like Breaker’s Revenge cuz that’s the only game you’ll be playing and you’ll never leave cuz you just wanna keep playing Breaker’s Revenge. SFIV or Tatsunoko vs. whatever doesn’t matter to you. Then ur shit will never get stole.