Bringing Back 'Pocket Fighter' on Mobile Devices


The thought just occurred that as an iPhone owner I do NOT like SFIV Volt and have no interest in SFxT either because I know it’s port of a game designed for a console with buttons.

But why not bring back Pocket Fighter I think to myself. I miss the old SNK NGPC fighters and I figure we could use some laid back not to serious but serious enough fighting on touch screens. And because everyone likes to make us pay more after the fact, besides the obvious choice of more characters give us customizable things for our characters (stupid hats, costume changes, gems mayhap?) that we can trade with other players.

By and large the point I’m trying to make here is that a fighting game specifically made for touch screen mobile games is better and why not use Pocket Fighter.



I’d be all for that, though I’ve never played Pocket Fighter so I can’t say for sure how it would work. But iDevices are starting to become a platform for re-releases of older games which I like.

As far as fighters go, Volt was pretty good. Capcom was really sensible with the control scheme and the choices of moves they gave each character made sense. The netcode UI was actually better on the iPhone version of SF4 than it was on the console imo, as you could rematch immediately in Ranked and other stuff too.

But we’re starting to see a lot of fighters on the iPhone what with SF4, Volt, MvC2, Soul Calibur, King Of Fighters, etc. I’m hoping that iDevices become a more legit platform for fighters in the future because I don’t own a console, and may never get one. I realize we won’t be having Iphone finals at EVO, but for folks who want good comp without having to buy a PS3, it’s a pretty good solution and the more games, the better.


I’d be all for it, as long as we don’t have to pay extra whenever we pick up a gem.

(Just checking Pocket Fighter is the one where you power up by collecting gems whilst you beat the crap out of the opponent right?)


I own a Neo Geo Pocket Color and don’t recall “Pocket Fighter” ever coming out for it.


No but both Pocket Fighters and NGPC fighters have a chibi style while working wonderfully as fighters. NGPC fighters even more so since it managed light/heavy kicks and punches on a two button console. I’m not necessarily expecting that much out of a touch screen of course but something along those lines.


Might work. But that said, they’ve already ported the perfect game for iOS - MvC2. Works because you can simply pick Cable, Iceman and Doom and just spam beams and assists.


If there were more characters to play and a larger competitive scene, then most definitely. I absolutely adored the soundtrack to PF, would love to hear more that style. This could be a potential cash cow for Capcom should they fully embrace it.


If the screen were bigger that game would have worked 100%. It was a pretty solid port. I couldn’t believe I was playing MvC2 on my IPOD of all things!

I think you might be thinking of Power Stone. Amiwrong?


Lol. Works better on an iPad.


It probably does. I only snagged it (as in got it from Installous) because my PS2 copy doesn’t run anymore. It was fun to play though. It’s amazing to think that all these games that used to require big cabinets and such to run, I can now play them on my fucking PHONE! The 21st century is ridiculous!

If it had online multiplayer though it REALLY would have been a must-have.


Actually, what it needs is pad/stick support. Can’t do IM infinites on a touch screen.


Well, you won’t be able to do EVERYTHING on a touch screen. I really wish there was some kind of USB Stick/pad support outside of iCade and Bluetooth WiiMote support. Like if there was some kind of adapter you could plug into the base of it so that you could use a controller. It’d probably have to be a jailbreak thing, but it would be incredible if someone actually did it. Would do the whole i-gaming community a lot of good. I play most of my games on my iPhone these days and if I could make that work, it’d be gravy.


Nah it’s a 2D fighter I’m thinking of, it’s got characters from several Capcom games and your specials become more powerful as you pick up gems.


You’re thinking of SFxTekken. :trollface.jpg:

Hahah, nah, but it’s Super Gem Fighter! Right?? I have that on MAME, but I never figured out how to play it. Seems like a cool game though.


Yeah, that’s the one, but I think it was called Pocket Fighter on the ps1.


For some reason I thought Pocket Fighter was a Neo Geo Portable game. Did I make that up?

And for real, you guys ought to try King Of Fighters-i 2012. It’s a fantastic game, and is a surprisingly faithful port of KoFXIII.


The system you were thinking of was the Bandai WonderSwan. It is kind of easy to get the 2 confused though.

And the second part I completely cosign.


Ah, yes the Bandai WS. A system that, like a grand total of 10 people owned hehe!

Hit me up on Game Center sometime if you want to play some KoF. My GCID is DoctaMario like my username here, and I’m always looking to play some folks.