Bringing Sexy Back - Nemesis Discussion Thread (Pg.18 and beyond)



Welcome to the Nemesis thread, home of the hyper tentacle force.

Bringing Sexy Back?


YEAH! [media=youtube]3gOHvDP_vCs[/media]

Don’t like the thread title?


Cry me a river:coffee:[media=youtube]DksSPZTZES0[/media]

For those of you unfamiliar with the character he made his debut in Resident Evil 3: Nemesis.
He’s pretty much a tyrant on steroids (with a rocket launcher) and made your life a living hell as he popped up at the worst/most frightening times in the game which meant it was time to get the hell out, or fight(as a 9 year old kid I did more running than fighting).

Color Schemes











So from that video I’m just gonna make a list of my observations/what we know so far.
Feel free to touch anything I miss.

MISC (a)
-He no longer says S.T.A.R.S. :eek: **unless **he’s fighting a S.T.A.R.S. operative, duh. D:
-REALLY high damage
-He’s freaking HUGE.
-Slow walk speeds (Like in the games)
-Fast dash speed (like his run speed in the games : P)
**-**Nemesis just drops his rocket launcher like “Wtf : (” after a time over.
**-**His win quote is blank, literally, **or **“Gwoaaaaahh”
- Diagonal downwards and horizontal tentacle attacks in the air. Very good zoning and rushdown tools as they’re both multi-hit
**-**Despite being SUPER unsafe 5E probably has the biggest hitbox of any launcher in game also hits twice, once when he slams his hand down and twice when the tentacles come up.
**- **Command normal, shoulder charge. Has armor
**- **Win Pose -
**-**Rocket launcher normals have super armor on them. Appears to be 2 hits worth, kinda scary.
-J.C has an amazing hitbox and crosses up for free. *


He must’ve ate every single last one of his vegetables AND asked for seconds


Specials (b)

-Punch(clothesline) into Rocket Launcher- Nemesis appears to be able to do a punch type move that looks like his wallbounce punch, but doesn’t do anything other than hit them, which then chains into all of his rocket launcher specials. <- Also an assist
-:l: Clothesline
-:m: Clothesline into forward rocket shot
-:h: Clothesline into upward rocket shot (45 degree)

-Air to ground Rocket Launcher (diagonal) -Huge blast radius, fast startup, fast projectile travel speed **small **hitbox on the actual shell. (Time to play lame with Nemesis?)

  • Ground to ground Rocket Launcher (horizontal) - See above ^
    (unless these are both command normals ala Wesker gunshot expect to see two more versions of each.)
    -**Ground to Air Rocket Launcher **(diagonal)- Pretty much the same thing as the above two.
    -Air to Air Rocket Launcher (horizontal) - See above
  • A tip about the RL, credits to SSRagna “For anyone wondering, since Nemesis was able to go through Dormammu’s Dark Hole with a rocket launcher attack, this means that it either has least 4 low durability points or is a medium class projectile, so it also beats out attacks like Doom’s Plasma Beam and Iron Man’s Unibeam if I’m reading/comprehending this correctly.
    Source: The almighty bible that is the MvC3 strategy guide.”

-Air to ground command grab - Looks like a normal on first glance but immediately after they show his BBCS chain, so unless it’s a command normal I think it’s safe to say it’s another varation of his command grab. (0:26)
-Ground to ground command grab -
-Ground to air command grab - Causes a ground bounce, lets you follow up afterwards. (0:51)
-**Ground to air command grab **(vertical)-
**:hcb: :l: = **Straight Tentacle Grab
****:hcb: :m: = ****45 Degree Tentacle Grab
**:hcb: :h: = **Straight Up Tentacle Grab

:dp::atk: Launcher Slam
-:l: Knocks opponent into the air (mini launcher?) Godlike for resets into the command grabs.
-:m: Ground bounces
-:h: Wall bounces

Supers ©
-Biohazard Rush(I ain’t even mad) - Looks really slow but it has super armor also looks very DHC friendly due to the spinning state from the last punch (0:32)
**Update **- Contains super armor for 100% (5 hits worth)of the animation, last hit has a huge hitbox too.
:dp: **:atk::atk: = **Biohazard Rush
You mad bro?


-Rocket Launcher Super(Biohazard Assault) - First hit otg’s, last hit otg’s. The rocket shots seem to cause hard knockdowns while the CURB STOMP is a soft knockdown after the opponent pops up. (0:46)
Update - Each shot tracks, the curb stomp can cross up although it doesn’t have a very big hitbox; very punishable. Even if the first shot hits, some of the other shots can still drop, likewise if the shots towards the end hit the curb stomp will land due to the shots being **hard **knockdowns.
:qcf: **:atk::atk: = **Rocket Hyper
Top Tier Teeth



  • Lvl 3(Fatal Mutation) o_O - Nemesis transforms into his final form from the RE3 games and eats you? Looks like it’s a grab super, as seen in one of the gameplay vids you don’t have to be RIGHT next to them. But we’ve yet to see just how far it goes. : / (HURTS, 450k damage and you can follow up with Biohazard Assault/OTG)
    **Update - HOLY SH*T AT THE RANGE ON THIS THING, AND ITS 0 FRAME(after the cinematic)?! WTF CAPCOM, I LOVE **YOU. This has to be the furthest grabbing level 3 in the game. There was about 2 characters space in between Nemesis when this happened.
    **No **startup invinc. whiff
    **:hcb::atk::atk: = **Level 3 Fatal Mutation

Poverty Hitbox


Assists (d)

(Only 1 hit of armor on the RL slam)
**-****Clothesline Rocket **- Nemesis does a clotheline, then fires his rocket horizontally. The clothesline wallbounces?
-RL Slam - Nemesis groundbounces the opponent with his rocket launcher.
**-Rocket Launcher **- Regular horizontal shot with the rocket launcher.

Other Vids
Gameplay vid 2



(0:35) J.E has a SEXY hitbox and causes a ground bounce.
Nemesis = Protector of Raccoon City’s skies?
(1:38) TK Air** to Ground Rocket Launcher**
(1:43) That tentacle attack is actually just a multi-hit command normal and not a command grab, oh well.
Seems to have about 900k-950k hp… 850k at the very least.

Gameplay vid 3



lol @ his block animation
(0:21) Rocket otgs from the air, air-xfc followups anybody? J.e causes a hard knockdown so I could see that as a combo option for more damage in the corner. : P
(0:22) Dat backdash speed.
(0:22) 3/4 screen tentacle attack, really fast.


(1:26) ^ This attack shares the same multi-hit properties as the air version, I’m guessing if they’re close to you when you do it, it acts as a command grab? Seems to have the same animation
(1:39) Bazooka pimp slap, really far knockback + hardknockdown
(1:40) Bazooka super seems to track?

If bazooka super tracks, Nemesis is gonna be able to play so lame. His zoning game with tentacles and rockets looks pretty decent considering none of them have slow start up.

-Disgustingly safe normals

Check it out



-Seth Reviews Nemesis




-Assist me(Thanks Max)

Assist Me with Nemesis



Now that that’s out of the way, let’s discuss what we think of this guy. <3

Nemesis = broken? I think not

Looks like a awesome character and nice OTG moves and hypers could lead to some real nice stuff, anyone see what assists he’s got? i didnt notice anything with the current uploads :confused:


I like the character, but the Thread Title is a fail. Where is the relevance?


I think his STAAAAAAAAAARS dialogue is gonna be with the Resi characters only. don’t count it out yet, lol.


Why would he no longer say Stars we dont know if he says it all, he wasnt fighting any RE characters in the opening clip.

Anyway, Nemesis vs Morrigan, lvl 3 …tentacles …lets go.


He’s the ugliest mother f*cker I’ve ever seen in a fighting game/game in general, it’s just light sarcasm. <3
Alternatively, black trench coats, rocket launchers, (and tentacles for you fetish guys) is sexy to lots of people. <3
Also he’s kinda undead, and hasn’t been seen in a game since umbrella chronicles, hence him bringing it back.
^ The relevance.

I was just speaking on behalf of that video, I wasn’t saying it was completely gone. : p


Pretty much.

He’s looking like a better version of Hulk though. :frowning:


I’m sure he will say S.T.A.R.S there’s no way in a game like this with great lines he won’t have it. You can’t just judge he doesn’t say it from character trailers. Might be when he’s facin RE characters though. Anyway that’s not the point. The point is how good will he be? First thing I see is he looks kinda slow which is expected but looks to deal massive damage. Probably has decent health but just from the 2 reveals today I’d say Dr. Strange looks by far more fun to play. TBH Dr. Strange looks powerful as fuck.


Well he is the sorcerer supreme after all. : P


Runaway Wesker was nothing. Nemesis is going to be moved by tears and salt with that rocket launcher.

I’m totally using him.


(Hunh. I hadn’t seen that initial character video. Wonder if there’s one for Doctor Strange.)

Good to see the person that started the Nemesis Thread for was actually quite informative about it. I just wish wasted so much time, especially since I don’t really care about any of the new characters that are supposedly left. Oh well…

Anyway, as I saying in my other thread before I was about to delete (and was apparently beaten to that), I’m rather surprised about how gory some of his abilities are. I mean, I’m pleasantly surprised since it fits. It’s just…kinda of disconnect given the cartoon violence of everything else.

Then again, I never really even considered Nemesis T-Type as someone/something who/that would even occur to Capcom to use, so…


It’s not that gory. Sure, there are tentacles and stuff but he doesn’t mutilate himself to use them - hell, he doesn’t even take off his clothes.

His lvl 3 is not graphic at all either. They did a good job, ESRB can’t complain about “implied tentacle murder”.


(╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻
Sorry about that : p I didn’t even wanna make the thread at first, but after about 3 hours passed I went ahead and hopped on it.
Whatever you were gonna post initially just post here and i’ll add it the the first post if you want.
and yeah, some of his moves are awfully gorey o_O(I guess it’s just the tentacles bursting through his skin and the juice for the added effect of a rupture that gets to me) I wonder if that’s gonna apply to any of the remaining characters as well.


(Sorry for the delay. I was too busy [S]flipping tables [/S]er…I mean, taking a shower.)

Oh, it was nothing substant…of substance that you haven’t already covered, especially given that I missed out on the Cero video. I think the only things I noted that I don’t see in the original post are that is his jump H seems to hit around him and he probably won’t stay anything unless he’s against someone else or from Resident Evil or maybe the Hulk given Hulk’s ending in MvC3.

And, yeah, I hear you about the thread creation. I didn’t want to be first for the sake of being first. I just wanted to be first because I know that I have more free time than most people and I’m sure that I’d be able to keep up with any new updates. As long as the original poster is otherwise around and interested in the character, than I more than fine ceding control to that person, especially since none of the other characters “leaked” interest me from a fan prespective.

We’ll see if that changes when gameplay of them gets out–I doubt it, though.

His jump H says otherwise.

Trust me. I doesn’t bother me, at least when it comes to bleeding in and of itself. It’s not like he’s Jedah or anything. It’s just weird to see a character bleed, even if they’re causing if they’re causing it themselves, in a world of otherwise cartoony violence where people take explosions to the face and constantly being hit by sharp objects without so much as scratchy.

It’s one thing to say “die” constantly; it’s another thing entirely to show that someone can actually be injured.


I’m happy like a little kid, while watching the trailers for like the 5th time.

Wesker/Nemesis/whoever, let’s go!

At first I was “meh” when I saw him turning into the blob for his lvl3, but when I saw the opponent all tied up helplessly into the “Oh noes I’m being eaten” 1st person view, all was forgiven :cool:


Damn… dat damage…


This motherfucker is FUCKIN FRIGHTENING! And I’m not only talking about him being a 9 foot monster.
His damage looks absurd. Hide your kids, hide your wife cause they raping errybody out here! They = Nemesis. HIDE YOUR LIFEBAR!
lvl1 rush super has hyper armor throughout the whole damn thing.
rocket super looks like it’ll be able to combo afterwards with xfactor speed boost.
i don’t know what ppl are saying about his health, but his health looks above average to me.
he’s pretty nimble for a character his size, but gotdamn is this fucker huge. o_0
his ‘command grab’ looks like a blockable move.

on the down side, it doesn’t look like his cannon shot has much priority, but i really don’t think its gonna matter given his other tools. plus, i think his crouching animation is taller than sentinels. he dwarfed a standing chun-li in the gameplay vid.


I’m not sure just how much priority dark hole has, but one shot beat out dark hole and hit Dormammu.


Rocket Launcher special when right through Black Hole. :tup:

He doesn’t seem very slow, which is great. A powerhouse character with above average (but not ridiculous) health, that can move around a bit. Oh yea.


Thread Title shouldve been Tentacle Rape 101 - Hentai ; You’re doing it wrong.

Imho x]