Bringing Sexy Back - Nemesis Discussion Thread (Pg.18 and beyond)



No one knows how to use that because no one has any purpose to use it. It’s hands-down one of the worst moves in the entire game. There’s a reason no one uses Worm Squash with Super Skrull: It’s totally useless and 10000% outclassed by his other moves. Lets face it, if you have a command grab with huge range and nets a full combo, or you can choose to use 3 meters for a slower command grab with no invincibility and gives less damage, which would you go with?

As for Nemesis assists, he’s not an assist character. Ever. So his best assist is whatever combos best for your team. That’s what you’ll be using his assists for anyways


I think it depends on the team. The Clocket and Launcher Slam can both combo off the same situations in a combo situation, but Clocket can cover more space. How often do you find yourself using wall or ground bounces? I myself use Launcher Slam because it allows me to extend my OTG combos with Frank and even though it does not help out Skrull much, its rare that Skrull is out and I still have Nemesis alive.

Edit: Agree with Gil


You’re completely right. I agree that his level 3 is definitely one of the worst hypers in the game. With no startup invincibility and just horrible range, it really sucks. I just like to pull it out every so often for a kill. That’s why I was curious if there was possibly anyway to make it work more efficiently then the way i have been pulling it off in matches currently.


Well the idea I posted may also work for the standard command grab. As Gil said, way better off with that than the lvl 3.


Thanks for the advice Cape and Gil! I really appreciate it.


I agree on the whole lvl3 business. It seems like the developers looked at how good BWA is as a hyper, and decided to take anything that was cool or useful out of his remaining hypers. I literally forget Nemesis has a Lvl3 sometimes.

as for Nemesis on assist, I have to disagree on that Gil. Nemesis makes for a fine assist character. Rocket assist covers normal jump height perfectly, and the soft knockdown makes it VERY good for corner combo extension (as I’ve said before, it gives Sentinel his Vanilla BnBs back, with an extra 100k tacked on to boot). and clothseline is a good GTFO assist, even without any invulnerability.


You know why he actually has that as a LVL3, right? It’s just so they could get his final form on screen and allude to it. Capcom did that with nearly all of the new LVL3s, they used them as an excuse to playup something.

Iron Fist: One-Inch Punch for that Bruce Lee Smell
Nemesis: See above
Doctor Strange: By the Hoary Hosts of Hoggoth!
Phoenix Wright: Had to make his ‘finding the culprit’ work somehow
RR: Only move that actually has a Rocket in it.
Ghost Rider: Penance Stare. Duh.
Hawkeye: Avengers actually team up like that all the time. Infact, I think it’s a favorite tactic of theirs

The only ones that seemed to get away is Vergil, Strider and maybe RR if you want to count him, which I’d allow.

It’s nothing new(Afterall, why do you think Wesker scoops a missle out of the air in his), but Capcom often took LVL3s as a chance to pay homage. And with Nemesis, they were kind of in a tight spot. His throw setups were too good to give Mutation any speed or invincibility,but they couldn’t make it comboable because…well…a Heavy with a LVL3 combo-able move. Just think about that for a sec.

As for assists…#1, If clothesline didn’t have the Rocket afterwards, I’d agree, but he’s so very vulnerable. #2 Rocket loses so easily to a ton of other stuff, as it’s height is very annoying. Not the best thing to call here, and there’s a LOT of significantly better choices too. #3, You’re telling me that Nemesis’s assists are good on their own, like Strider, Doom, Sentinel, Magneto? He gets put in the same group as them? They have their uses, but they’re almost only for combo extension, and that’s not an assists character to me.


oh no, I’m not comparing assist nemesis to the top tier assists in the game. I’m just saying, he has his uses as an assist.

sorry if it sounded like I was suggesting the former.


Considering we use a nearly identical team, I like clothesline. Your Vergil definitely acts differently than my X-23, but I like clothesline assist just because the rocket on the second hit makes them wanna crouch, which is lovely for my command throw, but it also helpful for Vergil’s quicker mixups. Also, the two hits really keeps them still, and it has a very nice hit range, which I say less about Clothesline. And I think though Launcher Slam is a tiny bit better for combo extension, whatever.

By the way, welcome to the Nemesis threads. Glad to have you with us. I’m also happy to see that you’re using a team I thought of using myself. I’m just not as comfortable with Vergil as I am with X-23. I’m curious as to what Nemesis/rapid slash tech you came up with.


Oh, and my only lvl 3 setups are either what I’d use to set-up light tentacle slam when I want to be sure I can get a kill, and one mind-game thing that works ONCE, because it’s derpy, but no one sees it. I pretend to not connect with my X-23 Rage Trigger hyper after my bnb. They block the first two spins, then as she does the uppercut part, they just get out of blockstun, and then I DHC, and they’re all OH SHIT. Well, as I said, they see it once, they’ll know to jump at the last second next time. Derpy. Anyone got something real, lemme know, and I don’t have a rapid slash to try out that incoming stuff.


Nemesis’ Level 3 is really a Level 4. Because that’s really the only way to pull it off against better players. It works against really passive players, I guess?
My personal set up for it is Funny Face Crusher (whiff) -> Fatal Mutation

As for the assist thing, I would agree he’s not as “Assist Character”… one whose assists help a teammate get in. I don’t like Rocket Launcher personally, but Clocket and Launcer Slam are good for extending combos. It does just come down to whether you want a Wall Bounce or Ground Bounce.
Though Launcher Slam is actually pretty good for mix-ups with someone like Frank or Dormammu, who have teleports or “teleports”


Question for you guys: What would you tell a new person who wants to start playing Nemesis? And I mean, the full gamut, all the info you have/want to give.


Tell them about his mobility first and foremost. Let them know that, even he looks like it, he’s NOT the slowest character in the game, and not just in terms of walk speed either. Let 'em know he does good damage, and can ToD off of a reset a lot of characters just flatout can’t get out of.


He’s got resets like no other character, and he’s got a few moves that make him just simply better than anyone else. He’s got more damage than you think, more movement than you think, more zoning than you think. He’s a character who, as you learn him, just keeps surprising you as to just how badass he is, and I don’t think I can say that about any other character.


-Every normal he has is useful and each one serves its purpose in countering a situation.
-Bad against keepaway for the most part
-LOTS of range
-lots of damage
-Not slow when compared to Hulk or Haggar
-Some of the best reset tools and one of the best command grabs in the game
-Great defensive and offensive character.
-NOT a Good anchor
-Works best with a team built around him
-If you like Strider, consider playing Nemesis
-NOT an Assist character

-Is not as great with Armor moves as Hulk or Sentinel is
-Not as beefy as other heavy characters (only 1.15 mil)

Depends, I switch depending on the situation. If it’s a heavy character, I keep away. If it’s a XF’ed character I keepaway. if it’s character who has put themselves n a position where it’s difficult to approach them I keepaway. Characters who also have a hard time dealing with keepaway themselves is also where I use it. Sometimes I just Deadly Reach spam without even using a normal as a way of forcing the opponent onto the offensive. If its none of the above I’m usually on offense.


Probably not very effectively, as Skrull’s main OTG for combos, being that dive attack, also uses a ground bounce, so they’d just stand up. I’m making a run through of that idea at the moment. Dr. Doom is currently in the lead for best use, as he can get a full Foot Dive loop in the corner from it, amounting to about 600,000 damage before hypers.


nem sucks :[

i must be a scrub bc i had the hardest time getting spencer off of me last night. spencer/wol/wesker and spencer/dante/felicia


Does not work sadly. QCF+L = wall bounce and Shopping Cart = Wall Bounce. Back to the drawing board.


for anyone running spencer and nemesis together…this duo allows you to get the most expensive (but most hype!) inescapable reset in the game at the cost of 4 meters. it works anywhere on screen and with 5 meters in the corner with x-factor level 1 and the right assist you build a “6th” bar for a TOD on thor!

just use the :h: followup to any of spencers grounded grapples and then immediately bionic arm ( :qcb::atk::atk:) DHC as fast as possible into nemesis level 3 ( :hcb::atk::atk: )


Judging from our matches with Airtola. TECHNICALLY Hulk vs Nemesis is in Nemesis’s favor. Judging by tools vs Tools, however Airtola’s just a damn good player he makes us (90% of the time) look free. Its more of a - 6/7-10 in Nemesis in favor. The Hulk’s armor and mobility beats Nemesis though by far. Gamma Charge is an armored high-damaging hit-confirm dash, it beats out almost everything Nemesis has except for Deadly Reach at its apex. Hulk’s s.H = Nemesis’s s.h?

btw: That incoming mixup Airtola’s Nemesis did, the crossup under-dash into Level 3 throw. That was pretty smart, in a later match today I stole that tech and used it lol, and it worked like a charm.