Bringing Sexy Back - Nemesis Discussion Thread (Pg.18 and beyond)



#1: If people are trying to throw something at a Nemesis jumping at them…why is this a bad thing? It’s actually kind of a good thing, seeing as how they’ll try to be attacking you, and you could just jH instead. Plus, with Deadly Reach pressure

#2: Already talked about command grab setups with jL. It’s usually better to just whiff the move.

#3: Landing 3 hits on someone that blocks your mixups a lot sounds like a success to me

#4: You have Hawkeye arrows, that usually counts as a lockdown assist.

#5: Crossup not always needed. See above mixup options


I’m aware of all that. Regardless, it’s tough to incorporate j.L into my game. Also, this is 3 times over about 20 wins. And by lockdown assist I mean something super-slow. But yeah, Hawkeye counts for it, but they still seem to have a window, and the only time I worry about them throwing out normals is when I’m waiting until the last second with my jump-in to do an attack.

I do not deny this is useful, it’s just pretty contrary to my normal game plan, so it’s hard to put in.


a friendly reminder - if you’re staging a comeback, keep the pressure on.

i would have just had a very satisfying comeback with a pixel of life using dash up > Tentacle Slam L into combo, then raw lvl3 on wakeup. if i had just done an angled DR i would have won, but instead i empty jumped for some reason and got [S]a face full[/S] two feet full of plasma.




Fact: if you are close to someone, 90% of the time, they will wake up with something. This is a universal fighting game standard.


I am guilty of this


Is there a video showing the proper spacing and timing for crossup cr. H?


Sorry, but I am not able to record much about crossup cr. H. Ask someone else who uses it, because half of the time mine messes up anyway, and I’ve been kinda improvising it.

Also, guys, what do you put after you connect a tentacle slam, and how useful is it?

I have a bunch of them, because it’s fun to have variety on a reset followup.

  1. cr.M, cr. H, wall bouncey punch, s.H, S, MMHS in air, (otg to Heavy Launcher Slam if you have an otg assist for extra damage here) OTG Super, DHC if necessary.

  2. s.M (I like the timing of the DR relaunch better after this attack), S, air MMH delay angled DR, land, S, air MMHS, then I can either:
    2a. OTG, rocket projectile into punches. This is the standard unknown afterslam combo, and does good damage.
    2b. The most fun of them, OTG into the active frames of heavy launcher slam, then use the punches super when they’re right above your head. Every shot of the super will hit them while they’re behind your head. Tiny bit less damage than the unknown afterslam, but it’s really awesome looking.
    2c. OTG into the active frames of wall bounce punch, they bounce, you recover, jab and reset, deadly reach for back tech, j.H S for forward tech. This is SURPRISING, and catches everyone off guard I’ve tried it on. It’s unusual, and pretty inefficient, but it’s mind games, and a lot of hits and such before the reset, so it milks the combo for all it’s worth.

  3. New tech circa two hours ago. So same as #2, with s.M, S, air MMH delay angled DR, land, S, air MMH, the classic, but then TAC only up or down, X-23 comes in, I do her dive kick straight down, which should whiff, s.H and S picks them up as they fall, air H, Crescent Scythe Heavy, Talon Attack Light, land Clothesline Rocket or another relaunch assist + her chanrged ankle slice, S, immediately another Crescent Scythe because the hitstun is a bitch right here, then knock that sucka down, ankle slice into super. Off the right starter for Nem, the combo normally does nearly 900k to 1 mill for a single bar, not bad, I’d say. Even cooler, I think, it works off Tentacle Slam for about 800k or a teeny bit more for a single bar as well. I don’t know about you guys, but DAMN, THAT DAMAGE. I know it’s specific for X-23, but probly Trish, Nova, Doom, Modok, people with air dashes who can touch the floor quickly would all be able to use their own fun relaunch combos, or anyone with a whiffable dive move. I’m fine risking the TAC counter here, because there’s already been a decent amount of damage after the reset, and swag and mad damage beckons like no other. Shoutouts to the X-23 subforum and Hikarihoshi for figuring it out with Nova instead of Nemesis (Nova’s is easier to input for X-23 and has a better DHC by far, but mine does a bit more damage without the DHC, and can work off a command throw)


Just saying, after Tentacle Slam and the DR relaunch, instead of going straight to S I’m pretty sure you could do st./cr. H into Clothesline Rocket, then relaunch from there.


Yeah, a lot of times if I do a wall bounce first, they drop out during the first air series, so I usually go wall bounce, DR relaunch, but not both.

AND a lot of these setups that utilize the DR relaunch also use a wall bounce near the end of the combo. I suppose you could add more before what I’m calling the Unknown afterslam, but my X-23 stuff and the end-of-combo pseudo-Clothesline Reset require having the wall bounce around.


Has anyone dabbled in crossup sH? It does hit on the other side afterall. I’m in the lab looking into it, and it is very unusual to confirm with. You have to confirm in the other direction if the launcher hits on the tail end. Usually DP+M, but QCF works too. And yes, it does work, but not in the corner. Stick to cH there. Thoughts anyone?

Don’t have a video, but I recommend that you do it late if that helps


I get a lot of crossup st.H when trying to use it as an anti-air… never on purpose though… I always mess up the hit confirm, too.


So, I’m getting crossup cr.H about 50% of the time. Well, when I was testing it out, I set the computer to auto block, and then command grabbed them and snapped someone in. Now, if I call Vergil with Rapid Slash in at the right time, and I actually get the cross up, then it leads to some stupid ambiguity. Still working on setups with Rapid Slash and Akuma Tatsu.


i’ve got some random crossup s.H’s and tried to launcher, but it comes out on the wrong side more often than not - is this what you mean by messing up the hit confirm?


Yeah, that’s what I was talking about. That’s why confirming into DP+M is the best as it hits most of the time.


not sure if this was ever mentioned but when using the cH crossup for incoming, theres a fun thing you can to surprise opppenent. since opponents blockstun disappears right away the moment they land, on a blocked cH you can go for a command grab the moment they land. you can also space the cH to always cross up but mix up the side nem ends up on once opponent lands. essentially you get a shitty second mixup. just mash dat S <3


Why isn’t anybody here discussing the newfound Unknown x OMG Andre rivalry? not offtopic since Unknown is one of the best Nemesis players atm :slight_smile:


I’m not really big on rivalries, but when was this whole thing started? I usually am on a ton of streams, but have not seen any Maryland stuff in the past few weeks.


yeah, I missed the rivalry

honestly, I’m not hip on rivalries, alot of them feel shoehorned rather than genuine


Side note on Nemesis crossups: I DO NOT RECOMMEND using DP+M. Not because it doesn’t connect, but because your so very, very, very, very, VERY unsafe on block. More of an on principle thing than anything else. However, if you wait just a little bit, you CAN launch them, which is good because it allows you time to hit confirm and choose not to go into launcher. Plus since you’re crossing them up, you hit them at the end of the active frames and recover quicker and you can even still cancel if need be. The same applies to the cH mixup. Delaying the confirm into launcher is probably recommended, as you still have options and cancels open to you if you are blocked, where as you have to cancel into unsafe moves nearly as soon as possible for them to work.