Bringing Sexy Back - Nemesis Discussion Thread (Pg.18 and beyond)



So, about all the “big boy” talk, do you guys think that the only team big that works nicely with Nemmy on it, is (Nemmy/Hulk)/Sent?
I tried Haggar/Nemmy/Sent, but it didn’t felt great.

EDIT: forgot to tell i’m new here.
About me: I main Nemmy since he was leaked, my team is Nemmy/Sent/Doom, I found out tentacle loop by myself (even made contact with OnlyWingedAngel about that), I’m from Brazil, so my apologies for any grammatical mistake, I suck at marvel because there’s two marvel players where I live and I’m 90 miles away from São Paulo, and my net is shit, but I really want to represent the undead tank here in Brazil.


Team BigBoy almost NEEDS to be Hulk+Nemesis+Sentinel in some order. Haggar’s nice and all, but his relaunches off the other’s assists are kinda meh from what I understand. Plus, the amount of synergy that Hulk and Nemesis have together is HUUUUUUGE. It’s like if Hulk and Nemesis had a lovechild that they fed steroids everyday while stretching him. That is how big the synergy between them is. Add in some similarly significant synergy with Sentinel and you have some good cooperation going on there.

Shoutouts to you for holding up Marvel where you are

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i did ok, didnt rock the competition :b

team bigboy is really fun to play. nem helps hulk in a lot of ways.


The only other BigBoy I can see working on “Team BigBoy” would be Thor. My gut tells me he should replace Sentinel, as other have said that Nem/Hulk has some nice synergy, and since thor has a good beam assist, he’s just be filling the “projectile assist” slot that Sentinel had. Upside is, Thor has more health than Sent, so the whole team is now a “haha, just TRY to TOD us bitch” team, and you can make mistakes with Thor assist calls, whereas any mistakes when calling Sent= dead sent. He’s also good on point and has good mobility, as well as a nice set of hypers, command grab setups, and even a zoning game. Treat him like a faster, slightly less hard hitting, but more-tank like Sentinel. I’m not sure how well his overall synergy is though. any Thor mains/subs here?

as for Haggar, he would only work on point, and MAYBE in second slot. for anchor, hell no, he’s as bad as nemesis/ Hulk, if not worse since he has NO ranged options. His synergy isnt as strong with either Nemesis, Sent or Hulk, as those 3 have with each other.

seriously, Team bigboy is a team with 3 way synergy. losing 1 character still leaves you with a Duo with nice synergy.

and Willseless, welcome to the Nemesis subforum! hope you enjoy your stay. also, what a coincidence, you use the same Team I do (or used to until Team BigBoy entered my life). What doom assist do you use? also, you might be interested in some nice Drone relaunch technology I invented if you’re interested (or anyone else for that matter)


Haggar assist on Team Big Boy isn’t that good anyways. Each of the big boys have great defense. Armor, Angles, or Sentinel Force H. I can see some really fun options for DHCing into Thor command grab with BHR or a dropped BWA. Thor Beam Assist takes forever, so people mostly use OTG smash, which Nemesis probably can’t make use of. But the DHCs from Nemesis to Thor are pretty good, so there’s something there.


super off topic (not even applicable to nemesis, but I wanted to say it), but I just thought of something… you know what might be the DUMBEST DHC that might actually work?

Thor Grab hyper, wiff into an AA grab hyper, a la Frank west or She Hulk. you can DHC a throw hyper wiff right?

just a random thought


Abegen already pretty much runs these kinds of dhc.


really? what team(s)?


Macaratti, you’re talking about launcher+drones? If you do (on the corner) rocket launcher>I ain’t even mad, it will do more damage than relaunch>BWA, but the timing sucks.


So I was just fighting this team consisting of Chun/Morrigan/Phoenix with my Firebrand/Akuma/Doom team, and I wasn’t doing so hot. The Chun was using Lightning Leg at length, but in an intelligent manner, the Morrigan was being spammed for meter, and Phoenix was soon tagged in with 5 bars. Meanwhile, this bizarre Chun and chip from Morrigan had reduced me to only X-Factor LVL3 Akuma. I chipped out Chun and landed a few hits on Morrigan to kill. So Phoenix entered the picture. I gambled and jumped up to not hit her, hoping to bait Phoenix Rage. Sadly, she didn’t bite and I was put into blockstun. After blocking, I waited for the inevitable teleport. And I input Raging Demon, which caught her on the teleport. Why is this worth retelling? Because I got Demon to auto-correct. It was the most amazing thing I’ve ever seen. In order to get this move to autocorrect, a move that requires a -> input, I had to have buffered the move facing toward Phoenix, then Phoenix teleports before I press the next two buttons. Was sooooooo cooooooool.

Oh, and also this



(and yes, I’ve seen him squander three bars on an anti-air super)


i like you guys using the team bigboy name. <3

nem/hulk/thor sounds not so good as you dont really have a character that can anchor (xfc3) for you. sentinel is an underrated anchor. no matter how many people shit on sentinel , he makes random comebacks all the time.

also drones > thor projectile assist

drones have a way of just doing a lot of things it shouldnt be doing. you can use the gap between the 2nd and 3rd to do random ghetto jump crossups


it’s launcher+drones, but different than what you describe, I think that’s some different tech.

basically, I’ve gotten myself into the habit of calling drones whenever I use s.S. the drones will catch them after an air series (even in the corner, although the timing is slightly tighter). It increases his damage by anywhere between 50K to 150k across the board, and makes empty s.S’s ALOT scarier for the opponent to get hit by, especially since the drones can set up for a clothesline reset post-launch, or if you already used a wallbounce, the drones work as a reset-maker as well.


1. j.:h:, *:m::h:, :qcf::l:xx dash xx :h:, :dp::m:* :s:(CALL DRONES AT THE SAME TIME), j.:m:j.:m:j.:h:j.:s: xx land (opponent will hit drones. ideally, will hit all 3, but only 2 can still work), j.:h:j.:s:, BWA- 799K **
if in the corner, omit the j
.:h: when the drones catches then, you will only have time for a j.:s: before they tech out. Does 792k in the corner. for Team BigBoy, if Hulk has Gamma-Wave assist, you can easily push this over 800K. calling it right before BWA nets approx. **815k, **but for those with good execution, and if your positioning is less than 1/2 stage away, you can call Gamma wave assist RIGHT AFTER THE j.:h:j.:s: post-drones (the timing is, 1-2-3). Gamma wave will OTG, and you can use RL Slam H into BWA and does around 830K.

Nemesis’s best solo, 1 meter, works anywhere bnb does 773K tops without Sentinel/Hulk, and requires a RL slam M early in the combo, making it a sub-par hit-confirm. The Sent-relaunch also does more damage pre-hyper (668K) making it better for meterless kills.


**2. **(Tentacle-slam), cr.:m:, s.:h:, :qcf::l:xx dash xx :h:,:s:(CALL DRONES AT THE SAME TIME) j.:m:j.:m:j.:h:j.:s: xx land (opponent will hit drones. ideally, will hit all 3, but only 2 can still work), j.:s:, BWA- 665k
it also has a variant with the clothesline POST-LAUNCH, which can be trickier to use, but give nemesis access to the clothesline reset after more damage has been done, allowing more TODs.
**3. **(Tentacle-slam):s:(CALL DRONES AT THE SAME TIME) j.:m:j.:m:j.:h:j.:s: xx land (opponent will hit drones. ideally, will hit all 3, but only 2 can still work), :qcf::l:xx dash xx :s: j.:m:j.:m:j.:h:j.:s: BWA- **661k **(467k if you decide to go for the clothesline reset)
timing on the clothesline post-launch can be tricky, so go for the previous combo if you can kill w/o a reset

Nemesis’s best damage without Sentinel is 637k, and he doesn’t have good of a damage/reset ratio compared to these combos.

4. :s:(CALL DRONES AT THE SAME TIME) (j.:m:j.:m:j.:h:)} Delay these as much as you can, if done properly, it will hit the drones (adding the j.S takes too long, and messes up the drone timing)xx landxx :qcf::l:xx dash xx :dp::m:, :s:, j.:m:j.:m:j.:h: j.:s: xxlandxx BWA- 728k
yes, off a bare launcher, that does damage comparable to Nemesis’s standard BnBs, comfortably breaking the 700K range. without Sentinel, the best Nemesis can do is 617K off an empty lawn-chair. This is great for Nemesis’s footsies, since s.S has a great hitbox and godlike range. as with his regular BnB, he can tack on Hulk assist near the corner to add a little extra damage, pushing it to **734K **in the corner. not too shabby eh?

so yeah, that’s the power of the Drones-Relaunch.



Yeah, drones win when it comes to assists, especially for command grabbers. My thoughts are anyone but Sent could be replaced on team bigboy, but I’m thinking, despite all the established synergy, Thor would best replace Hulk. Having just tried out random Thor approaches and grab setups against a few friends, WOW, Thor + Drones destroys everything. You’ve got a nice DHC from Nemesis into Mighty Tornado/Hurricane/Whatever, and you can probly find a nice time to fool someone making a nemesis hyper safe with a command throw hyper. The mighty smash assist might even have some undiscovered tech with Nem waiting, otherwise you’ve got a beam assist. I prefer Hulk, but that sounds like the most fun spot for Thor.

I like them. I don’t run Nem with drones, but people give me more and more of a reason to. I like the long clothesline reset after a tentacle slam, and there’s probably more than a few variants that don’t come after a command throw, because usually Nem just needs a single reset (looking at that list again, I already see a few). Fun stuff.


@macarratti ill definitely try those drone combos out when i have a chance. i think with the slight damage increase i can break 1mil with hulk dhc instead of being at that 990k ish mark. is it harder in corner or easier? the anywhere bnb


I’d say it’s easier to do midscreen, but the difficulty gap is slim.

The difference between “midscreen” and “corner” is that midscreen will hit 2 or 3 drones (therefore allowing both j.H and j.S to hit, since a drone will hit between the two. wait too long between the two, and they’ll tech, since the HSD gets pretty high) while the corner usually hits 1. Both allow enough time to act, but the midscreen has more of a “spectrum” of success and failure (usually it will land fine, but there occasional hiccups, where you need to skip straight to j.S, or the drones are off and tech early. it’s rare though once you get the timing down) while the corner is either A. you got it or B. you didnt. that’s why I see corner as slightly harder.

but like i said, the difference is actually pretty small, and those hiccups are not very common once you’ve fiddled with the combo for a while.

also, general tip, for calling the sent assist, dont press launcher and then press assist really quick, just press both buttons at once. less timing/fingerwork to worry about, and it will clean up your muscle memory for the drone relaunches.


I found quite a few of them. Damn, I really like how your team moves around. It seems like whatever order you’re in, whoever’s first has excellent support. I especially liked the Dormy crossup with frank assist, and the combo you did instead of the DR relaunch, you went into heavy then clothesline, I believe, and went for a reset against Hulk. Curious, if you put a launcher in there instead of a reset, would they drop out of a MMHS in the air? because if not, that sounds like a fun nearly corner-to-corner.


maaaaaaan, I have come to the conclusion that I do NOT know how to deal with fights against teams rocking Hidden missile assist

That assist just fucks me up, no matter who I use


Trying it just now because I happened to be in Training Mode, doing a Launcher -> Air Series -> Deadly Reach -> H -> Clocket L -> relaunch -> MMHS works. I think I went for the reset because Hulk has a LOT of health, though. :c
Thanks for the compliments though! I’ve been playing this team a lot, so I’ve had a lot of time to figure out the synergy between each order and each pairing and such. The order I have the most trouble with is Dorm/Nemmy/Frank though, only because Chaotic Flame full screen makes me have to time BWA really specifically in order to connect.


Sweet. I’mma check right now if that combo works from more than a raw launcher. Why I ask is that if I land someone in the corner, I can actually reset from there by jumping back and calling the X-23 assist, having her hit them up into an angled DR, then reset into pain. A modified DR reset, because her otg pickup has a lot of different properties than Wesker’s. Thing is I’m only comfortable doing the reset in the corner, because it’s quite finicky. I sometimes do a neutral jump instead of a backwards jump depending on my positioning or my hitstun. It’s all new tech for me, but it seems to catch forward and backward techs on all but tiny characters (where things get wonky), and on large characters (Haggar or higher) it gets all techs, if I time it right. So, if I have something that pushes to the corner reliably, AWESOME. And I’ll check to see if the hitstun allows for the reset, and what my timing’s gotta be. And from a grab in the corner I have a different setup for the same reset, and that might make Nem using meter a thing of the past, which is nice for X-23’s level 3.

I was planning on checking this earlier today, but I got distracted trying to remake my Haggar team (Haggar, Ryu/Skrull, Chris/Cap/Strange is my current incarnation. I’m so indecisive.)

And I thought you seemed pretty comfortable with Dormy in front. The crossup with the cart made the teleport way safer than it normally is. I normally approach by other ways exactly for that reason. Also, can Nem’s rocket bring incoming to the ground for a quick tri-dash? I recently decided to make tech for my bro’s team (X-23, Dorm, Wesker), and aside from a really fun 800k-ish X-23 combo, the notable thing I found is that crescent scythe on incoming forces them to the ground just in time for tri-dashes which kind-of make blocking obsolete. Wondering if a well-timed launcher can make it a bitch to up-back as well.