Bringing Sexy Back - Nemesis Discussion Thread (Pg.18 and beyond)



Trying it just now because I happened to be in Training Mode, doing a Launcher -> Air Series -> Deadly Reach -> H -> Clocket L -> relaunch -> MMHS works. I think I went for the reset because Hulk has a LOT of health, though. :c
Thanks for the compliments though! I’ve been playing this team a lot, so I’ve had a lot of time to figure out the synergy between each order and each pairing and such. The order I have the most trouble with is Dorm/Nemmy/Frank though, only because Chaotic Flame full screen makes me have to time BWA really specifically in order to connect.


Sweet. I’mma check right now if that combo works from more than a raw launcher. Why I ask is that if I land someone in the corner, I can actually reset from there by jumping back and calling the X-23 assist, having her hit them up into an angled DR, then reset into pain. A modified DR reset, because her otg pickup has a lot of different properties than Wesker’s. Thing is I’m only comfortable doing the reset in the corner, because it’s quite finicky. I sometimes do a neutral jump instead of a backwards jump depending on my positioning or my hitstun. It’s all new tech for me, but it seems to catch forward and backward techs on all but tiny characters (where things get wonky), and on large characters (Haggar or higher) it gets all techs, if I time it right. So, if I have something that pushes to the corner reliably, AWESOME. And I’ll check to see if the hitstun allows for the reset, and what my timing’s gotta be. And from a grab in the corner I have a different setup for the same reset, and that might make Nem using meter a thing of the past, which is nice for X-23’s level 3.

I was planning on checking this earlier today, but I got distracted trying to remake my Haggar team (Haggar, Ryu/Skrull, Chris/Cap/Strange is my current incarnation. I’m so indecisive.)

And I thought you seemed pretty comfortable with Dormy in front. The crossup with the cart made the teleport way safer than it normally is. I normally approach by other ways exactly for that reason. Also, can Nem’s rocket bring incoming to the ground for a quick tri-dash? I recently decided to make tech for my bro’s team (X-23, Dorm, Wesker), and aside from a really fun 800k-ish X-23 combo, the notable thing I found is that crescent scythe on incoming forces them to the ground just in time for tri-dashes which kind-of make blocking obsolete. Wondering if a well-timed launcher can make it a bitch to up-back as well.


To be perfectly honest, I’m not used to using Nemesis with an OTG assist at all, so I don’t really know anything about the resets involving. As seen in the tournament matches any resets I happen to do mostly come off of Wall/Ground Bounces, just because I’m more comfortable with the spacing that way and it gives more time to confirm where the opponent is jumping. But the plan with X-23 sounds pretty solid. Though if you could report details about the combo working off of more than raw launcher, it would be very cool. I always mean to check but I forget, and then I randomly drop combos in the middle of an air series. :confused:

As for rockets and Tri-dashing, I think the Rocket Launcher will float the enemy for a bit, but I’m not 100% sure on that. On incoming characters I personally go for the Assist -> Teleport thing. A plus side of this is that as soon as the enemy lands you can go for the throw and some really good damage.

This brings up another thing, though - I think I’ve seen it posted before, but has anyone realized the stuff you can do on incoming characters with an assist and Tentacle Slam L? Something I’ve been playing around with is with Nemesis on point, as a character is coming in call Dark Hole assist. It holds them in the air for a bit, and as soon as the attack ends use Tentacle Slam L. If you time it right the opponent will land, negating all of their blockstun, and landing right into the command grab. I’ve heard somewhere that jumping takes 3 frames, so if you are somehow godlike at timing frames, you could theoretically time it so that the first 4 frames of Tentacle Slam L are happening during the opponent’s drop. I’ve personally been trying to find a really strong way to abuse the whole Jump = 3 frames thing with Nemesis, but it’s pretty hard. ._.


in the corner with sentinel you can do…

:hcb::atk:, :h::s: w/ (sentinel assist a,) j.:h:, j.:qcf::s:, j.:qcf::s:, :qcf::l:, :h::s:, j.:h:, j.:s:, :qcf::atk::atk: for 746,600 damage for one hyper or 954,100 damage with a DHC into sentinels :qcf::atk::atk: (plasma storm,) fully mashed.


both jumping and super jumping have three pre-jump frames, both become airborne on the fourth frame.

EDIT - for those that care…nemesis has the option to land either standing or crouching :h: after a command grab, this allows for much better damage scaling at the small cost of slightly less meter gain.


I for the life of me cannot recreate this combo in the lab

I can do it if there second j.:qcf::s: is omitted (no idea how that fucker goes in there), but the damage doesnt go past 714K :confused: so obviously I’m missing something. that 746K off a command throw sounds sexy, so I want to be able to do that!


Not certain if this is the right thread for it, but any thoughts on how to deal with Spider-Man rush down? I played someone at a local event last night and got blown the hell up. Webzips and mix ups all day and WUGH

I roll with Nem/Deadpool (OTG)/Doom (Beam)


you do the second j.:s: as youre falling back down to your opponent…it hits then the very last drone should hit when you land with just enough time to do the :qcf::l:.


not enough Spider-Men around to say i know the matchup, but when i see him online i usually just try to zone with Air Deadly Reach since most of them just upback into ball or zip > pressure. if i think i’m close enough, Tentacle Slam M or raw launcher right when he balls or zips. i feel like i’ve used s.H’s armor to power through the zip spam, but i could be imagining things. the few good Spideys i’ve seen online were really good so i was xf’ing on touch anyway.


What can one put before a “Launcher -> Air Series -> Deadly Reach -> H -> Clocket L -> relaunch -> MMHS”

Well, here’s what I got.

On Large hitbox characters (Nemesis was used for this. He falls out of the air DR occasionally because he falls faster, so timing needs to be precise, but I thought if it worked on him, it’ll work on all large folk, for that very reason):
Immediately preceding the launcher
Air H, cr. M WORKS
Air H, cr. LMH WORKS
Air H, cr. MH, DP+M DOESN’T WORK, falls out during the second M of the final MMHS
Air M, Air S WORKS, but the timing is very specific on the DR into standing heavy
Air M, Air S, cr. M WORKS, and the timing is easier, use this one for an Air M starter

Air M, Air S, cr. LMH DOESN’T WORK, flips out after the first M in the final MMHS, and the timing sucks to get even that far
Air M, Air M, Air S DOESN’T WORK, first M, final air series
Air M, Air M, Air S, cr. M DOESN’T WORK, first M, final air series
Command Throw, standing M, WORKS, damage is 628 after a hyper
Command Throw, cr. MH, DOESN’T WORK, they flip out after the last H in the last air series, which means a MHS as the last air series would work here (it does, I checked)

Lvl 3 Hyper, then otg into Launcher, WORKS
Lvl 3 Hyper, otg into DP+M, Launcher, DOESN’T WORK, flip out after the first M in the air series

After that I got bored and messed around with lvl2 X-Factor X-23 stuff, and found a fun throw reset in the corner, and how to reliably do 1.1 mill without meter, without abusing the infinites. I assume I can do more, but I doubt I need it. I’ll check for mid-sized and small hitboxes later. I’mma use Akuma and Rocket.


Fucking Capcom not showing me the hitboxes of Nemesis’ moves.

Anyway, after I do a Nemesis combo that ends with Rockets that put them in the corner, I’ll DHC to Vergil Swords after the stomp, and do two lunar phases (which usually kills them at this point) while charging a Round Trip. I’ll let the RT go and then tag in Nemesis for a mixup. Still trying to find ways to make this shit better. Anybody got any ideas?


Thanks to that H>rocket stuff, I increased the damage of my bnb’s. I even made a 902k combo with drones, but it’s kinda impractical, 'cause clocket H is needed.
I recorded that, if you guys want to see, I’ll upload the video when I come back from work.

EDIT: [media=youtube]EHrMsqHjDM4[/media]

If I can’t post videos here, somebody please, let me know, and I’ll edit this post (:


Wow. You are my new hero.

I’m hitting the lab right now to work with Team BigBoi. See ya.


My brother was interested in picking up Nemesis. Right now he’s running Nemeis/Taskmaster/Wesker. I was wondering if there were any combos or resets that Nemesis has that involves Taskmaster’s & Wesker’s assist. Also, what are some incoming mixups with Nemesis?


resets with Wesker:

  1. whatever into Wesker OTG, Deadly Reach into Tentacle Slam M
  2. TAC into Nemesis, hard knockdown, Wesker OTG, jump back + Air Deadly Reach, (land) Tentacle Slam M

(blocked) j.M, j.M < (land), Tentacle Slam L
(hit) j.M, j.M < j.S, whatever



Possibly do this with Nemesis? Launcher to jMMH (slow) fH and then uS?


Anybody got any good guard breaks with Nemesis?


More or less the same one Skrull has, Command grab.


How do you do it with Skrull? (haven’t played Skrull since week 1 Ultimate)


Jump and attack an opponent, they advancing guard, you command grab. More effective with Skrull than with Nemesis, as Nemesis is much more spacing dependant