Bringing Sexy Back - Nemesis Discussion Thread (Pg.18 and beyond)



By the way, you guys know that Magneto trick that Fillipino Champ was doing and how I came up with the jS situation based on it? I might have found something much more similar. It’s corner only, but cl cm sH DP+M cm sH delayed S jL. You can either go for a jS based on this(Will cover all techs) or Tag Up which is his fastest Air Exchange and more or less will connect at the same timing than if you just used S. S will cover all techs like in the jS situation, meaning if they mash teching up, they get hit by jS and if they don’t mash you get to Up Exchange them. DO NOT jump up forward to chase, just go straight up. If Nemesis fails and they block the jS, he’s super easy grab bait. While going up doesn’t eliminate this problem, it makes it significantly harder and I mean much harder.


I’m alive

have I missed anything interesting?


Ummm, Evo and a crap ton of interesting things I discovered, though nothing major


Bits and scrap of tech but nothing too mindblowing yet.


I have a reset that hits al three tech directions for 3/4ths of the cast, but I have yet to make it practical. And I only know how to do it with cold star. So, nothing on my end.

And cool stuff Gil made.

Oh, and I wrote way to much about Shuma Gorath. That was fun.


ooh, link me to the gorath stuff. He’s one of those characters I just love to read about, even if I dont personally use them


Um… I don’t actually know how to link so it goes to a specific post, but here’s what we got. Ignore my second rant, that’s about DHC options to Vergil/Ammy. My first one is midway on the page, talking about ways to extend with Shuma assist, but not finding damage. Three posts later, I find damage. Then some unrelated stuff, then someone starts saying how Shuma’s backdash makes him amazing. Then we talk about shuma until the next page. Then I rant once more (I’m prone to do that) about the pros and cons of shuma in general. And we move on to Fuzzykips, who posted video of a Shuma player that he knows, who actually beat Zak Bennet in CM4.

Oh, and I’m not sure if I mentioned this, but in most cases it is literally impossible to hit shuma with purification otg into chaotic flame. That’s why I use Shuma as a training dummy a lot. Dat cosmic weight.


So yeah, that EVO thing happened, didn’t it?

I ultimately went 1-2 in Marvel with Team Big Boy. The first guy I faced was running a Phoenix team and only beat me on rounds when he got Dark Phoenix. It was then I remembered I haven’t faced a Phoenix player in about a year. The second guy had a very predictable Wolverine team that I was able to crush, and my third opponent had my number with some tricky Spencer/Nova rushdown that ultimately did me in.

Bronson / Lee, I will be going over that footage with a fine-tooth comb and start working on my synergy with Big Boy; I’d like to see how far I can take this team before I look at other alternatives now that I can use my stick again. I don’t suppose there is some secret Anti-Phoenix tech I don’t know about, is there? :slight_smile:


Ummmm, there’s I AIN’T EVEN MAD. That’s about it.


I saw some in the nemesisforums longer down. Its x-factor canceling the blast, dash up and command grab.


So, I doubt it, but has anyone found any use for Nemesis’s LVL3 yt? The move has two active frames, couldn’t that mean something? It’s the only positive feature about the grab.


If Nemesis somehow ends up as your anchor, you can cross under Vergil as he comes in and use it while in XF3 to insta-kill.



Side note:

Airtola left for the navy apparently…


God speed my good man


Dag, the navy?

Good luck man.




I’ll totally try to take his place. :3


Made the right decision there. Thats what I am advising a lot of people who want to join the military to do.

Good luck to him.


guiz I just played stone on xbl. how does nem not get horribly bodied by smart/defensive zero? :lol:

also good shit to Airtola.

I sometimes get mileage off of using it as a crapshoot on ppl that are “scared” after a combo ending in BWA, but we all know his command throws have less startup/lead to more dmg, give moar meter etc etc


Its ok Airtola has BWA
he gonna be like

blat blat blat put 3 holes in an enemy cruiser

and then stomp that thing to the bottom of the ocean.


pretty sure im still here :x

also bigboy sucks vs phx. find alternative.


I hope you realize I’m not gonna let you go with this