Bringing Sexy Back - Nemesis Discussion Thread (Pg.18 and beyond)



Quick, someone photoshop this so that he has Airtola’s hairstyle!

Added caption… Resident Evil Revelations: the Airtola Files


obv everyone is better than me :]



trivial info, but did any1else notice you can save the groundbounce from a Nem THC by hitting them meaty at the same time/before Nem curb-stomps them? it’s actually annoyed me enough that I combo sH during it.


Actually, he’s got BHR, meaning any Battle Cruiser he’s on has to be hit 10 extra times before the ships integrity is compromised


His ship will have a cool looking close range tactic, where wires come out and ensnare another ship and crush it.
…the whole process takes 5 hours, though.


… What did I just walk in on


You don’t wanna know, Macarratti.

Seriously, thanks guys for all the great info in this lil’ sub-forum and the youtube links on Nemesis. Dropped him a week into Ultimate thinking “This guy’s an arse sandwich”. Turns out backed with the right assists, and knowledge of his strong reset game, he’s pretty damn scary, and now I have a Nemesis team that’s slowly overtaking my main team in terms of fun to play. The friends I play with are really starting to hate ugly-face because of his tricks. Probably gonna start heading down to London from August onwards to get bodied with the team, but we’ll see how it goes. :slight_smile:

Side-note: It’s really sad to read the tier discussion and see so many people underrate Nemesis. I’m not blind to his faults - he has a lot of bad match-ups (some of which can be mostly negated with Vajra or horizontal lockdown/beam assists) but I definitely think that he has the potential to make it to the middle of the pack, probably low-mid. Definitely not low though: His reset game is too strong, deadly reach is too good for an assist punisher/pressure tool/armour eater (and the damage - don’t wanna forget that Deadly Reach is a free 100k!) and j.:h: to stuff teleports, and BWA can DHC into just about anything with the proper timing.

So, yes, kicking myself for not going more in-depth with this guy when the game came out. Now I’m gunna go watch some more Airtola matches.


Go forth and spread the Nemesis hype across the world, Splendorman! Well, I’m not sure if anyone else in this thread is from not-the-States, to be honest. But still, more Nemesis!
I really would believe Nemesis is in the middle tier, too…


Sup brosephs, I’m from Northern Ireland but I live in Scotland. I play Nemesis!

I think Nemesis is mid tier, mainly because he’s outclassed by many other characters in damage, speed and defensive options, but that’s not to say he isn’t a beast. I know a lot of people who play me certainly think he’s good.

My current team is Nemesis/Wesker with either Hawkeye or Akuma in the back depending on the matchup. As was said, having a fast horizontal assist really helps nemesis out, Hawkeye’s is great for zoning/counter zoning, and Tatsu really helps when plastering on DR and command grab pressure. I wanted to play Nemesis properly after seeing a friend play him well as Nemesis/Wesker/Shuma.

I feel that out of all the Heavies, Haggar is the best, and Hulk, Nemesis and Thor are each too different to equate honestly. Each have strengths and weaknesses that the others don’t, each with fairly unique playstyles.

On a different note, how well do Nemesis and Dante go together? Jam session in general is great but what about DHC synergy? Million Dollars does a nice chunk of damage even fully scaled, does anyone know if DHC’ing into Devil Trigger is a viable option?
I saw the raw tag video and that seems fan-dabby-dozy, so it’s in pretty good standing so far.

I was thinking of Nemesis/Dante/Strider as an alt team, thoughts?


[S]i don’t play dante, but both of Nemesis’ lvl1’s DHC’s to Million Dollars should work.[/S]

oh, DT. BWA bounces them straight up, it’ll prolly work. you may be able to DT then teleport to catch them out of BHR, thought it sounds like it might be hard (and fancy looking)


Oh man, Dante has a lot of combos he can still do at maximum Hitstun Deterioration, yeah? I’d love to see Maximum Nemesis combos -> Devil Trigger -> Combo Video of the century

That being said, I know squat about Dante. I’ve heard good things about Nemmy and Strider though. (I personally don’t play Strider)


um not to be the ‘debbie downer’ of this thread or anything, but…how is a char that uses both ground and wall bounces in their own combos supposed to be a good DT candidate…

if anything, Vergil SS comes more to mind…dat 150-200k @ max scaling is where it’s at…


Because Nemesis isn’t reliant on them. He could go for DR Relaunches or replace a wall/ground bounce and still probably be OK


so the combo will do negligible damage and BWA will still take groundbounce (well, maybe you can DHC ASAP and get a free skydance reset in but nothing notewhorthy)…


Not negligible, just not optimized. And if you have Dant on the team Crystal might pop them up enough to end in BHR instead of BWA


I had some tech I wanted to test but I don’t have any system to play on as of late, so can someone be ever so kind as to see if you can pull hard tag combos off the heavy launcher slam? I know after a wall bounce it just causes a straight up hard knockdown so I thought “hmm, if spiderman can do it, why not nemesis?” the only problem I see is maybe the hitstun deterioration or the moves recovery. I had a whole lot of shit I wanted to test out after evo, but I don’t have anything to play on and I’m going fucking crazy right now…


Aren’t most of Dante’s good combo moves a Forced Ground Bounce, anyway? And can’t Stinger cancel into something else, making the Wall Bounce irrelevant?

I mean, sure, all the Dante players who can’t do any of the cool combos wouldn’t be able to capitalize, but the good ones, I’d think, would be fine…


Maybe, but Rocket Slam H’s recovery is horrid where an assist barely fits in to OTG.

I’m starting to think Capcom intended Rocket Slam H to be the “Armor Cancel” (s.H delayed cancel into DP H) because of its 11-30 frame armor startup, faster and longer than any of the other armor moves he has. Now that would work if he had hyper armor instead of super.


i guess, but afaik only skydance can force/reset groundbounce (which I already alluded to in my previous post). you have a point with the stinger stuff since nem combos generally have strong corner carry.

won’t the dmg scaling be pretty lolworthy regardless though? when I spend two bars, I typically expect something along the lines of 900k+…

but there is one thing I forgot: free grapple resets? :wonder:


Well, I’ll tell you this first: You can do tag combos from Clocket L just fine and with more success, which I have tested. If you go back a few pages you should find them. But I will quickly test it out for you using the usual suspects(Doom for OTG potential, Dorm for Speed and hitbox). Problem is that Distance plays a key factor in these things and often you need as much time as you can get, which is why Clocket L works so well. I should have an answer for you soon.

RESULT: Ok, I went in and here’s what I have to say: No. No it will not. One of the main reasons, other than OTGs that you go with Doom when testing is because Next to Nemesis, Doom has one of the easiest hitboxes to connect on tag in, essentially being Foot Dive. Nemesis is the only one better, but obviously can’t use him here. For a tag combo to work you need to either capitalize on the tumble the tag-in provides, or the Hard Knockdown the move provides. Slam’s recovery is too slow to make use of either, as you’ll tag in at just the wrong spot each time, too slow for OTG or Tag in combo.

Just stick to hard tagging after a Clocket, as the damage difference is about 10K anyways. Nothing really worthy of investigating when you have a much better option in it’s stead