Bringing Sexy Back - Nemesis Discussion Thread (Pg.18 and beyond)

Maybe Capcom can give it a hard knockdown property then it would be useful perhaps.

It would be, But Nemesis doesn’t have any OTG’s outside of jumping rocket and Bio assault.

Pretty much here’s how I see it:

standard nemesis combo: Magic series > RL slam ground bounce > clothesline A wall bounce > launch > air combo > OTG bio assault.

if you try to incorproate clothesline rockets into that, you get:

Magic series > Rl slam ground bounce > clothesline B wall bounce + rocket blast (if it even hits) …bio assault?

Either way you miss out on the air combo damage, and I just don’t see a single additive rocket being worth those hits.Puzzling.

I’m just gonna assume that his combos suffer from hitstun scaling massively so if you have an otg assist, at the end of your combos the best you can get is MClocket or HClocket cancelled into super before the combo ends.

Seth said his combos dont scale too bad at least off of the cmd grab. I have some pretty creative ideas for combos we’l see

Oh yeah, that’s a valid point I guess. The rockets do a chunk of damage so eh, I’m sure there must be some use for these moves. If only he were able to recover fast enough to tag on a 2A after the rocket I could see them being very useful.

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This is why I don’t like Clothesline rocket assist.

Alright the only thing I got from that vid was that even Nemesis is subject to the law via Phoenix Wright. Dunno how you would procecute a monster but ok.

Seriously though it does seem Clothesline is unsafe in close situations.

If that guy would have acted preemptively or reacted quicker at least and dashed sooner, done a teleport behind, done a teleport kick, used his nearly full sceen sword special, he would have protected his assist, and been able to at least shift momentum or start some offense.

clothesline is unsafe in any situation. It’s not just close range stuff. Strider can try to cover it all he wants but all the opponent has to do is block the haymaker and throw out a random beam super and Nemesis is half dead.

If you watch those matches you’ll also see that clothesline rocket doesn’t really DO anything for the player using it, lol.

Call assist + teleport behind. Opponent must block assist, or choose to punish assist and eat a full combo or choose to just block your pressure.

I agree though that clothesline rocket isn’t a good assist, I wouldn’t use it.

hm, with teleporters it might be OK. It does have more range than RL slam after all, but yeah it’s utility is kind of lacking. The only reason I’d think of using it over RL slam is that the rocket part would encourage players to duck, which may work well in tandem with strider’s Vajra kick.


i like it. safe 50/50’s into death. they both have this, sickly looking pale in the face thing about them too.



Does Vajra hit overhead?

I thought you were going to pair Green Nemmy/Barf-Ko. You didn’t. Thank you.

Any ideas as to how Pendulum assist might be able to help Nem?

Also, can’t believe I just noticed “Name the refernece for a prize!”

I think the big deal about it is that it tracks and hits overhead, so yeah that’s what I’m thinking. Strider on point has plenty of other ways to generate overheads too.

Which is why I’m hoping on using Strider and Nemesis on my new main team. 2nd slot is just what i’m trying to figure out (G.Rider or Dormmamu? Fate of two hot heads I guess)

I’m just trying to figure out who to put on anchor. Strider and Ouroboros XF level 3 is deadly. But so is XF level 3 Nemesis.

RL Slam assist will be helpful for Strider, too, against people trying to get at that paper-thin health. I really think it could go either way on what spot you put them in.

Nemmy’s best assist is likely his ground bounce one with armor on it but he’s not really assist character, imo it’s one of the things that separates him from Sent the other big tank character.

I think Nemmy may just be a solid battery character that revolves around resets with the tentacles and his super armor hyper to break through zone barriers. Simple strategy that fits Nemmy and is effective, I feel some are overthinking him like he’s Dr.Strange or something.

I hope no ones even thinking about putting Nemesis as anchor because he’ll be to much of a liability there and there are so many better options for that role. I could be completely wrong tho

I like the first two parts of your post people do overlook him. His tentacle resets and super armor (or Hyper armor who knows) super well be integral to his gameplay. But he CAN work on Anchor he’ll be less effective because he won’t have assists if he’s last; however that XF level 3 compensates. Don’t underestimate his abilities as anchor it’s just as bad if not more so than Level 3 XF sentinel

Here’s my problem with Nemmy as a anchor hell I’ll even use your team in your sig for an example:
[]He is best/most effective with assist backing him up covering his weaknesses and getting him in.
]Strider does pretty low damage without alot of meter and imo is best waited until he has more
[]Nemmy and GR’s assist are not really great assist for strider because they don’t have any lockdown potential for strider’s mixups.
]Strider with meter and ouroburos in XF3 is one of the scariest things we’ve seen so far capable of dropping full teams in it’s combacks so why not take advantage of that.
[*]Nemmy is a tank that is much harder to kill than Strider so with Nemesis as battery you could likely build more meter because you’ll have more room for error.
But to each it’s own and I’m not gonna tell you how to play. Strider with 3 meters is a mini dark phoenix and it would be dumb to not abuse the hell out of that.