Bringing Sexy Back - Nemesis Discussion Thread (Pg.18 and beyond)



Launcher. Old one was DP+M, which worked for sH but not for cH crossups. Launcher works for both if you delay it.


EDIT: Yeah. What Gil said.


team bigboy couldnt win fff tourney at fgtv. sadface!


i just played a long set with xxxbrb69 on xbox live; he did a good job mixing up air dashes adapt to my tentacle slam resets. his Dorm/Thor/Hawkeye gave me the most trouble, plus he had some nasty resets of his own with Thor’s air command grabs.

i had to share because in the last match i went for a tentacle slam and it looked like Dorm got away, smugly dashing upback as a Dorm will do - unfortunately for him, he was abruptly cut off as the tentacle slam connected with some invisible part of his hitbox and he was dragged downwards into my tentacle, at which point the command grab animation started. it was hilarious to see, like a very slow version of Magneto’s attraction pulling him down.


Awwww. How far did they get in the tourney?

Who was running it? (was it you?). How well did they (you?) play?


it was me. lost to fchamp and pr_rog. beat chrisis though and got two perfects in tourney weeeee. dat nem.


WOAH. you did awesome then!

TWO PERFECTS!? in marvel!? in a marvel Tourney!?

dude, tell me you got it on video. I would LOVE to see that!

also, how do you run Team Bigboy? I’ve recently taken on that team as well, cuz I feel like my fraud doom is detracting too much once he comes on the field. got any advice for someone new to the BigBoys?


i was also pretty wasted :x

matches should be on the archive for whenever its ready. just look for whatever link is fff or fraud free friday last night. im bronson, so yea. i think i went a total of 3-2.

as for advice i dunno. i play super reliabt on drones just watch whatever matches you see and if you want just ask any questions

btw i get completely destroyed by rog and champ so :]


1:15:00 starting (also 3:46:00, 4:27:00)


watched 'em all

damn son. that was some great Team Bigboy action. great Nemesis, great Hulk, and I’d say great Sentinel but I didn’t quite see enough to really get a feel for him XD

love your mixups, especially with the Hulk. I was surprised how rarely people blocked low versus hulk mixups 0_o

and that nemesis reset after the Tentacle slam hit the drones XD that was fucking hilarious!


my match against rog isnt good to watch but its there. i think watching my match vs fchamp is good though. it shows how i suck! woot


Dude, congrats, mang. I’m envious.


why are you envious


In a good way. I wanna rock the competition with Nemesis that well.

I just saw all of the matches. Team bigboy has some fantastic synergy, and some really hard-to-stop command throw setups. Fun stuff.

The perfects were fun. I love watching Nemesis win.


I entered Ranbats for my area today, and got first! Team I play is Nemesis/Frank/Dormammu.

I dunno the exact times, but if you search around you should see four or five of my matches on this video!


I’ll have to watch this after work today!


So, about all the “big boy” talk, do you guys think that the only team big that works nicely with Nemmy on it, is (Nemmy/Hulk)/Sent?
I tried Haggar/Nemmy/Sent, but it didn’t felt great.

EDIT: forgot to tell i’m new here.
About me: I main Nemmy since he was leaked, my team is Nemmy/Sent/Doom, I found out tentacle loop by myself (even made contact with OnlyWingedAngel about that), I’m from Brazil, so my apologies for any grammatical mistake, I suck at marvel because there’s two marvel players where I live and I’m 90 miles away from São Paulo, and my net is shit, but I really want to represent the undead tank here in Brazil.


Team BigBoy almost NEEDS to be Hulk+Nemesis+Sentinel in some order. Haggar’s nice and all, but his relaunches off the other’s assists are kinda meh from what I understand. Plus, the amount of synergy that Hulk and Nemesis have together is HUUUUUUGE. It’s like if Hulk and Nemesis had a lovechild that they fed steroids everyday while stretching him. That is how big the synergy between them is. Add in some similarly significant synergy with Sentinel and you have some good cooperation going on there.

Shoutouts to you for holding up Marvel where you are

15pt Achievement opportunity: Spot the reference in the post!


i did ok, didnt rock the competition :b

team bigboy is really fun to play. nem helps hulk in a lot of ways.


The only other BigBoy I can see working on “Team BigBoy” would be Thor. My gut tells me he should replace Sentinel, as other have said that Nem/Hulk has some nice synergy, and since thor has a good beam assist, he’s just be filling the “projectile assist” slot that Sentinel had. Upside is, Thor has more health than Sent, so the whole team is now a “haha, just TRY to TOD us bitch” team, and you can make mistakes with Thor assist calls, whereas any mistakes when calling Sent= dead sent. He’s also good on point and has good mobility, as well as a nice set of hypers, command grab setups, and even a zoning game. Treat him like a faster, slightly less hard hitting, but more-tank like Sentinel. I’m not sure how well his overall synergy is though. any Thor mains/subs here?

as for Haggar, he would only work on point, and MAYBE in second slot. for anchor, hell no, he’s as bad as nemesis/ Hulk, if not worse since he has NO ranged options. His synergy isnt as strong with either Nemesis, Sent or Hulk, as those 3 have with each other.

seriously, Team bigboy is a team with 3 way synergy. losing 1 character still leaves you with a Duo with nice synergy.

and Willseless, welcome to the Nemesis subforum! hope you enjoy your stay. also, what a coincidence, you use the same Team I do (or used to until Team BigBoy entered my life). What doom assist do you use? also, you might be interested in some nice Drone relaunch technology I invented if you’re interested (or anyone else for that matter)


Haggar assist on Team Big Boy isn’t that good anyways. Each of the big boys have great defense. Armor, Angles, or Sentinel Force H. I can see some really fun options for DHCing into Thor command grab with BHR or a dropped BWA. Thor Beam Assist takes forever, so people mostly use OTG smash, which Nemesis probably can’t make use of. But the DHCs from Nemesis to Thor are pretty good, so there’s something there.