Bringing Sexy Back - Nemesis Discussion Thread (Pg.18 and beyond)



Everybody was expecting a tentacle-based title
(╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻ Too generic
Haters gonna hate.
Ontopic, If you guys find anything interesting and want me to add it to the first post, just inform me. : P


i was thinking for a thread title just now

“B.O.W down to the…”

something or other

maybe hyper tentacle force as it says on the first post. i quite like that.


Eh… Obvious doesnt mean bad.

Its fine, hype for the character one way or another.


I think the title is fine. Admit it guys, Nemmy is hot.


Yea Dorms Dark Hole is no slouch so for the Rocket to blow through it and hit dorm … Has me kind of scared. I play Dorm… Nemesis honestly looks pretty bad ass but then again so do all of the new characters especially Dr strange.


Aww man… I hope I don’t come off as a crazy person but Nemesis reminds me of a Marvelized version of Q from Third Strike. I like his deliberate, powerful strikes.

Looks like he has a set of good OTG options as well, tiger knee rocket launcher, rocket launcher super than ends in ground bounce. Not to mention means of closing distance with his opponent; barrage super that has a crapton of super armour (I wonder how much Nemmy can take before stopping?) and a command grab level 3.

I’m super hyped for Nemesis!


Looks good, but I gotta agree, the thread title fails.


Nemesis seems a lot faster than I thought he’d be, especially being a 9 foot tall monster. His normals seem to have decent speed and good range+ his rocket launcher. Big characters are usually not too good in vs games, but I can see Nemesis being a threat.


It’s like Shuma all over again.
He kind of is, though…
A few things I noticed:

his launcher is like Dormammu’s. It covers a lot of vertical space. I’ve noticed it seems VERY unsafe though if blocked or whiffed. The recovery animation is substantial.

While his attacks do a lot of damage, he also seems to have limited combo potential from what we’ve seen so far. I don’t think he’s going to be killing by himself, but with an assist he’ll be lethal. Midscreen combos seem lacking but it’s clear that with tigerkneed rocket launcher he could get some extensions in the corner. However…

His command grab is friggin’ fast and huge. It’s like Skrull’s without the startup. I’ll bet you that Nemesis has some godly resets with a bit of conditioning. You thought wesker was bad in the corner? Nemesis doesn’t even need to jump and air throw you. He can also combo off his command grabs, which is beautiful.


Nemesis= The Day 1 Sentinel of UMVC3

He has everything that will create tears like Sent did.


except flight, super armor on normals, range of the gods, stupid easy dhcs (I guess that depends on how good the rocket launch super is), and HP.

Sorry for not naming it <Insert lame Tentacle Joke Here> Haters gonna hate.(╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻


But with even better teeth.


Can’t wait to team up Nemesis and Shuma against all the MvC3 ladies.


I laughed far to hard at this.


He has most of that maybe except flight/super armor normal, but his range normals/damage/easy combos will create tears anyway.


Now if only Venom where in this game we could make an ultimate tentacle perverts team…


Venom is in this game. His name is Dr. Strange though.
C wut I did thar. <3 you Squirrel


Not really digging that voice. Sounds more like a generic zombie than the deep “STARS” voice that I grew up on, but he still looks good. His damage looks INSANE, he was tearing apart Thor with a simple combo into that rocket hyper, so unless Thor’s 1.2m health got nerfed we’re looking at a 600k bnb at LEAST. His health didn’t seem too spectacular considering who he is though, maybe for balance reasons.

Any word on what his assists are gonna be?


So far we know he has a horizontal rocket. : P that’s it.


From the gameplay videos Nemesis looks like a better version of Hulk. They both have projectiles, otg supers, shoulder ramming moves, and some other things i can’t remember but Nemesis looks like he has the better of these.