Bringing Stream to the Future: New Stream Ideas Suggestion/Discussion

I’m a huge fan of the stream and have nothing but respect for what Spooky and all the other stream handlers do. I also have respect for all the awesome commentators who make things fun whether you’re watching the games or just chilling.

I wanted to start this thread so we could discuss ideas on how to keep the good direction going on improving fighting game streaming. I’ve seen it since it’s rough start and we’ve simply come miles in terms of diminishing lag and such.

Everyone can post and discuss each others ideas.

Here’s my idea:

Interactive Yes/No/Maybe buttons!

Make interactive yes/no/maybe buttons (3 buttons). Obviously the yes/no are clear but the maybe can also stand for so-so depending on the question. These appear on the HUD (by HUD I mean the main web page where the stream is occurring) somewhere near where your chat box is. Basically, the commentators can ask the stream a question. Each person pushes a button to answer that question. However, the button remains pushed so it’s not like they can click/press it repeatedly and skew votes. However what they can do is change their mind by pushing another button. That button would then become pushed while the prior pushed button goes back to normal. On the stream handler’s side (Spooky’s side), he receives the vote of each person and is able to get a percentage of the overall vote. There is a little screen somewhere on the HUD that just displays the overall percentage for the three buttons. Commentators can now ask the stream questions and get a better feel for how the stream (as a whole) feels about something. The only thing is that the commentator would have to press a reset button before each question. This causes all the stream monsters’ buttons to become un-pushed in order to reset the vote for the new question. Yes, I know people can just go crazy and change their minds/screw with the votes. But it’s the stream! Ultimately it’s their choice to do as they will.

That’s it! I propose this idea to help improve communication and fun between commentators and the stream. Tell me what you guys think of it!

Edit: Just in case you guys were wondering, I’m studying to get a masters in Computer Science. My opinion is that this idea would not be hard at all to implement. If the stream monsters are already able to easily submit their posts into the chat instantly, it should not be any trouble whatsoever to implement this. I wanted to describe my idea as clearly as possible, but I probably wouldn’t be able to get too far into nitty gritty tech talk about it.

This would need to be a change on Twitch, not something done by casters

I see. Sorry, I really am new to understanding this (the way streaming and twitch tv operates) and am not always sure who controls/manages what.