Bringing the Beat to Evo?



Just curious if any of you other Dee Jay players are planning on heading out to Evo with the Rasta Mon. Hoping to see some good things from some of the people here!


God damn. Idk if im going to EVO, but if I do go, DeeJay is definately coming with me.

Doesn’t Viscant play DeeJay? He is going. I really hope he cracks the top 8.


I actually played Viscant randomly online and he was using Adon. There were people talking about him using Dee Jay when the game first dropped I guess, but I haven’t seen it yet. That would be cool though.


If I was going, I’d alternate between him and Rose until I get taken out.


dee jay as 2nd main

Hes definitly gonna be my planB when my main chara cant do the job. its not that I lack the skills with him its just that some match ups are hard for certain characters. thats why i picked dee jay, because i really believe he is a better guile in terms of combo-ability and specials.


I’m going to Evo. I main Dee Jay now. :woot:


I was planning on using Dee jay at evo but I dropped him for tourney use. There are some matches were I would go to jay but yeah… I definately hope I see some good Dee jay action at evo.


Bebop makes me happy. :slight_smile:

Shin makes me sad. :frowning:


I play him just as a fun character, he’s not in my major rotation with one exception. He’s my primary anti-Honda character. The only chance of him showing up for me at Evo would be vs. Mike Ross. And even then, I’m working in the lab to try and find something better; the last time I played Mike Ross in tournament Honda vs. Dee Jay, he beat me.

–Jay Snyder


This is why I both rue and lament working 6 days a week.
I couldn’t get time off for the event this year and, since all I really know is Dee Jay, I was hoping to see how far I could get with him.
He’s got answers for almost everything and only really lacks a solid overhead.

But then again, this horse I’m beating died months ago.


Well, I’m not the best Dee Jay but I will be representing him at Evo… Hope I don’t let us down :S


Good luck everyone that bothers to use Dee, my pool starts in an hour and a half e.e


Good luck Dintrao and all other evo Dee Jay’s.


Good luck bro.


Best of it. Take out a shoto or two for ol’ Jack.


I only caught 1 dee jay on the stream. Anyone have evo dee jay stories or vids . I read Henry Cen was used him so I’d love to see that.


I didnt even see a dj on stream =(


I ran into Viscant twice on live where I got destroyed, did he end up going to evo?


icefuzion - canton is right there was a deejay (not henry cen) and got destroyed by andy ocr

Doctorwho - im not sure if he was there i know he was in my bracket and he wasnt planning on using deejay anywayz unless he met a honda

how did those do who used deejay at evo this year?

i went 3-2 beat a rog,c.viper and adon then ran into flip champ(had to use blanka cuz we play all the time) lost to him and lost to a sagat player who played the match right… well not the first round i pritty much lammed it out and won then the next few matches i decided hmmm let me just jumpin see he he thorws tiger shot…:nono: ate standing roundhouse and then just got worked. next time im sure i will lame every freakin sagat i run into


I was planning on going, car trouble got me. One of those “god is out to get me” moments.
I don’t think I would have used Dee Jay on any of the heavy hitters (Shizza, Genghis, Filipino Champ, Marcus) in that bracket anyways. I don’t like Dee Jay vs. Chun, Rose, Dhalsim or Bison. All those matches are hard for me.

–Jay Snyder