Bristol Palin Says Levi Johnson Didn’t Rape Her Just "stole" her virginity


[SIZE=14px]Bristol Palin Says Levi Johnson Didn’t Rape Her


I did have to face palm when i read this and i would love to get a few women’s input on this matter,at what point does personal responsibility enter the picture.

I mean that for both party’s because in most states that age gap is criminal and he should be held accountable for his actions.

My interest is to what level do we hold her to hers?


What age gap? They were both born in 1990.

Apparently she got pregnant the same night her virginity got took. I think she’s just regretting getting one-and-done like that over 3 dollar wine coolers.


I read it like he had hoodwinked her, like when you get pranked or when you come back to find someone else sitting in your seat at a bar.

Oh that dastardly Lev Johnson, stole my virginity! Well…what can ya do.


He didn’t steal anything from her.

She’s just ashamed of what she has become because she’s in the spotlight and everyone knows her situation. Her embarrassment has pushed her to try to play the victim role so that people will feel bad for her. Bitch got drunk off of them strawberry kiwi coolers and popped that pussy open. Happens all the time, props to Levi.


Yes, all those teen pregnancy PSAs that you ignored in-between Degrassi and Teen Beat magazine actually weren’t full of shit, and it happened to YOU on the first shot. HAW HAW, deal with it, and be thankful that your retard mom can foot the bill.


all girls do this shit. They regret sex. I dated a girl many years ago, for about 3 years. We fucked originally cuz she got drunk, and I ended up popping her cherry. After we broke up, she tried telling people I had raped her, until people questioned why she would go on to date me for THREE FUCKING YEARS after a ‘rape’.

Women are fucked up, and us men need to fucking put em back in their place


I’d hit that. btw I have this Bacardi Arctic Grape ad that keeps popping up.


women dont post on srk


The man speaks the truth.


Yea he didn’t** rape** her. He **Stole **her Verginity so you know it’s not so bad but it’s still his fault and she don’t have to feel guilty. Slut.


…I hope the child grows up to hate her and it’s grand mother :coffee:


here’s a question.
what do you guys think should happen if a girl regrets having sex with someone so badly that the regret is equal to rape trauma, yet it’s obvious that the man did not rape her even by her own admission?

note: I am NOT speaking a bout the woman in this case


Not a god damn thing! People need to learn from their mistakes.


now as for my commentary on the topic. let’s see, her mom is a religious fundamentalist nutjob who believes abstinence before marriage is the best birth control method. and what happens? bitch gets knocked up.

conclusion: abstinence fails.

claiming rape is the only way to save face here.


This is like saying you blindly purchased a TV from Best Buy and then claim they stole from you because you regret your purchase so much (assuming they didn’t blatantly lie to you about it’s features). I don’t even understand how this question could get a serious response outside of “absolutely nothing”. It’s pretty ridiculous in the US (may happen elsewhere) how rape accusations are handled sometimes. The male is usually presumed guilty more than in murder cases. It’s pretty much always assumed that the male is some huge asshole rapist while the female is a gentle angle of moral ethics unless proven wrong by past history.

First, she was dumb for getting drunk on wine coolers at her age regardless. Yeah I honestly feel bad for girls who get taken advantage of but on the other hand don’t get that wasted if that’s a concern of yours. Levi’s a retard and had sex with the retard of a retard but that doesn’t mean he should face any sort of legal backlash.


I don’t usually cross-mix the sites I visit, but I feel this is relevant:


She needs to own up to her decisions like the rest of us. Women are not allotted special “mulligan-like” privileges for not liking their past decisions.


k, plz reread note now and reanswer


I stand by what I said.

She willingly had sex, then later regrets it and is traumatized. Oh well, you gotta own that shit because you wanted to do it.


Time for another college lecture tour where she tells women to not accept responsibility for their actions. I hope this bitch falls down a set a Penrose stairs