British Columbia 3rd Strike Ranking Battle Season 1 Sign Up Thread

If you live in the 604 Area and would distribute these for me, please give me a call. I have about 100 of these printed =P

**Rules: **Everybody plays everybody 5 times.

For example: 10 players join the Burnaby division. Everybody will play everybody else 5 games and add up the total number of wins you have in the 50 games. This can take 3 days or 3 months depending on how often you show up at meets.

Declare to your opponent whether or not the game is to be recorded before each session.

At the end of the season, the top players of each division go on to the playoffs… and play in alllllll the locations.

For example: Miguel from Vancouver must play Gumby from Richmond at both locations (but not in Burnaby)

Miguel (aka Kal El) and I are strongly encouraging players of all skill levels to join us… especially if you want an opportunity to improve and put your skills to test.

If you think this idea is stupid and silly then don’t join, keep your opinions to yourself. Suggestions, however, are welcome.

BC > SoCal, and not just our weed either!!


If you really love 3S and you want to play in 2 divisions, you’re allowed to. However, you’ll be counted as two players (ie your wins/losses don’t stack) AND you only enter playoff as 1 player, and you get to choose your “home arcade” out of the 2 arcades.

So if your division is too tough, (i.e. Navid, Sal and Tao is whooping your ass at JZees) you can sign up for the much noob-friendlier Rush division as well, where Gumby and I will welcome you with open angelic wings.


lol why’d you have to add the part BC > SoCal?

that’s like… just begging us to get flamed hahahaa, but then again, this IS the world section!!!

i’d sign up, but what league do i go to? i should naturally go to the metrotown league, cuz all players fucking suck there!

actually wtf am i talking about, me, sal, navid, allan, AND alvin all play fine at JZ

if anything, THAT LEAGUE is stacked

i’ll join the richmond league. me and keni will own up the jap sticks!

hahaha fuck you non-adaptive players!

This sounds good… I’ve been meaning to get into 3S for awhile. And with the release of the new but dumbed-down Guilty Gear game coming up, it’s about time I focused on a game with a larger, more dedicated scene like 3S.

For where I’d like to play… hm. JZ’s is closest to me but the sticks are horrible. Never been to Movieland yet. Rush arcade sticks are top-tier, and there’s always broken-but-fun GGXX to play when I’m bored. I guess you can put me down for Rush, then. I’ll be sure to make the meets whenever possible to up my (low) skill level. :tup:

me and sal own Burnaby for free. No contest.

btw Keni, this is the stupidest fucking thing to happen to BC since Tariq.

the sticks in jzees are of unequal stiffness

i’m in :tup:.

as of right now, i’m guessing the Movieland Division will have

  1. Alvin
  2. Mike
  3. Charlie Tuna, aka, LoneWarrior
  4. mr. Tony
  5. Dinur
  6. me
  7. Q, aka, David
  8. Ryan?

Rush is gonna have

  1. Keni
  2. Gumby (if he shows)
  3. Tao?
  4. all of Keni’s minions, and they probably number in the thousands :lol:

then don’t join. simple as that.


lol paul: i don’t think the sticks at jz are bad at all… maybe you’re just going into the hype too much

navid: lol fuck you asshole, i own jz just as much as any of you guys!!!

i play best anywhere, so put me in whereever!!!


ill join, pop me in anywhere

i live in burnaby…but i like to play at movieland :slight_smile:
think ill check out rush for the first time this week

i can play on jap sticks no problem usually

I’m in, Miguel’s got me down in the Movieland division.

Fuck you Tao, you’re not playing in the Rush division! hehehehe

I need to get a hold of Lunge Fish and his buddy, they’ll be a nice edition to the Rush division. And ROY, you’re in the Rush division whether you like it or not!!


If you really love 3S and you want to play in 2 divisions, you’re allowed to. However, you’ll be counted as two players (ie your wins/losses don’t stack) AND you only enter playoff as 1 player, and you get to choose your “home arcade” out of the 2 arcades.

So if your division is too tough, (i.e. Navid, Sal and Tao is whooping your ass at JZees) you can sign up for the much noob-friendlier Rush division as well, where Gumby and I will welcome you with open angelic wings.

Wow keni this is, in the words of Tao, simply jawesome.

I’d like join the Movieland roster.

yeah ill go into movieland

LOL it’s awesome jawesome
i saw it together hahaha so i don’t sound TOO much like them street sharks!

I have no fucking idea why you people insist on being ranked. It’s such a retarded way of making your E-Penis bigger. Fuck. Either you’re better than someone, or you’re not. Who the fuck needs a rank to prove they’re good?

You people are too fucking materialistic. What ever happened to playing the game to get better and just have fun? Now it’s playing the game to get ranked in a ranking system that means SHIT all if an essential player (ie myself) doesn’t join. What, will I be the unranked person who owns everyone for free? Because I will not join this, I will essentially ruin the rankings. Just stop right now and continue playing the game.

i donno…it sounds fun to me…obviously aint gonna make my e penis any bigger as im just gonna get trashed and possibly get some e-shrinkage

but man…people straight get addicted to shit when you can rank or level up its no secret…could be a good way to set the 3s scene on fire

seems just like a clever way to get people playing more to me…perhaps people shouldent need a reason to play more…but alittle incentive to keep it interesting cant hurt

i know i train twice as hard in anything when i have a rival

i, for one, am not insisting on being ranked. i’m quite sure that all the rest of the guys could care less about it too.

look at the poster Keni made. it says “just for kicks.” the whole ranking thing is just a name, and really, what’s in a name? we’re not doing this so we can say to whoever that hey, we’re better than you are and this ranking proves it! we’re doing this as a way to get lots of people to come out and play and learn if they’re new to the game.

funny you say that 'cuz that’s how i’ve always looked at it. sure i liked winning, but i was in it just 'cuz i liked the game. and it’s also quite ironic that you’re mouthing those words now 'cuz a year or so ago, you and Geese were all over each other’s dicks telling all of us to hate each other or get pissed at whoever (or something to that effect) because that’s the only way we’ll get better. screw fun. and now, here you are, asking us all what happened to just playing for fun. wow. irony indeed.

once again, it’s not about the rankings. and you’re welcome to join (as is anyone and everyone), but with all the negativity that you bring with you, i’m not so sure people are gonna be open to that.


loolloollol Navidddd it’s not *that * retarded.

It’s pretty retarded because it’s going to be a lot of work for me!

an active season = more active players
more active players = bigger tournies
bigger tournies = more fun

in the poster I didn’t even mention any rankings. I only mentioned how we are friendly and will teach newer players how to get better! which is actually the whole point of this thing.

I know you don’t like 3S all that much anymore, so I understand if you don’t wanna join. you don’t have to discourage anyone else from joining though

and complexz brings up the topic of RIVALRY. which is exactly what you will find in the league. playing other ppl around your skill level and constantly getting better than each other.

Ya I’m totally in this just to improve and have some fun games with others. I didn’t even once think about the “ranking of people”.

We all know who the good players are, it’s really no secret, so this is just another forum we have to improve our skills.

I dont know what the hell you’re talking about Miguel. Dont fucking put words in my mouth man.

I said when you are playing someone, to want to beat them with everything you have. Do not care who they are… HATE THEM WHILE YOU PLAY THEM. Fucking pull out ALL THE FUCKING STOPS. That is the only way you would get better. GET PISSED OFF WHEN YOU LOSE. DONT BE GAY AND SMILE AND SAY GOOD GAMES. Acting all happy and gay doesn’t make you better. WANTING TO BE BETTER THAN YOUR OPPONENT MAKES YOU GET BETTER. GETTING ANGRY AND FINDING PLAYER SPECIFIC TACTICS MAKE YOU GET BETTER.



I do NOT KNOW how you look and see that if you play to get better, you STOP HAVING FUN??? WTF!

We’re all essentially the same players anyways. What the fuck are we gunna do, instead of playing eachother 100 times in casuals, we’re just gunna play eachother 5 times for a ranking battle, then play eachother 95 times in casuals afterwards? Fuck, this is a dumb idea with no point to it.

It’s just Keni trying to plug his stupid useless site with a bunch of stupid fucking blogs that are totally ignorant, that he is going along with so he can get into some chick’s pants.

lololo Navid don’t hate on my awesome blog site! I knew you were gonna say something about the URL. But no, Navid, I’m not going to spend $50 setting up an URL. (Not unless somebody wants to sponsor this =))))

And Navid, we’re not playing 5 ranking games and then 95 casuals afterwards.

We’re playing 95 casual games to improve, and then 5 ranking games. (and then some more casuals, and then some more ranking games for the following seasons)

Let’s put it this way, Mr.Immaculate Logic: do you think the general population’s interest in basketball would **increase **or **decrease **if you take away the NBA and other major basketball leagues?

Answer the question honestly in big, capitalized letters.