British Man Sold £80M Worth of Fake Bomb Detectors to World Governments


This is absolutely disgusting. Guy has only received a 3 year jail sentence, he should have been given life, his wife given 300hrs community service.

Background info

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NewsNight investigation from 2010

More on the BBC -
The actual device contained NO COMPONENTS!!


This news is as old as the chicks I date man common


Common man, it even say 23 April 2013 on the top of the article


I linked that article so there was some background information, I should have linked the article about him being sentenced today.


3 and a half years is a legit jail sentence for this guy, the people who bough the detectors didnt bother to ask for samples to test them properly so fuck em and under the proceeds of crime act, this old dude is now broke anyway.


Light sentence on that serious a crime means they ratted on their partners.


Ahhh, this does make sense.