British Nanny dies from Use of Sex Toy

British nanny Nicola Paginton dies using sex toy while watching porn: coroner

The ecstasy - and the agony.

A 30-year-old British woman’s death, when using a sex toy while watching a porn movie, was probably caused by her state of arousal, officials said.

Nicola Paginton, a children’s nanny, was found dead in bed - naked from the waist down - in October as the porn movie played on her laptop, according to the Daily Mail.

A pathologist and coroner said during an inquest that Paginton died from a sudden heart arrhythmia, likely caused by “her activity before death.” the paper reported.

Police had been called to Paginton’s home after her employer, Sarah Griffths, went to her house when she failed to show up for work. She and a neighbor saw Paginton lying on her bed with her cat sitting on her chest, the newspaper said.

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Edit : I would have smashed and trust me, she would still be alive.

Now the question is, what toy was she exactly using?

Also, baw @ cat laying on her.

i lol’d at the cat comment

wtf I would have hit that shit. Why do cute girls masturbate, when I would do it for them for a nominal fee?

She came & gone to heaven…Probably the best way to die IMO…

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who’s kidding, what are the odds one of us will go the same way?

edit: minus the sex toy, i would hope

Glad they changed it to being a ‘sex toy’ to protect my identity.

I’ll miss her.

Because masturbating is safer than having sex with people that post on SRK.

I just want to know what movie she was watching cause that most have been some serious shit to make your exploded. Must have been a Kill Bill spoof.

Man, looks like she was a little hottie…such a shame. If someone had been dickin’ her down on the proper she’d still be here.

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I wanna know what sex toy she had. Would purchase with the quickness.

Has anyone saw The episode of house about the cat :wasted:

That’s a bizarre story.

Too bad she had to lose her life in the process, tho.

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