British players


although I watch video’s of some high level uk players (overmostheads, imstilldaddy, jijikun, supersquaddy) i never see regular videos of these guys in tournament.

My main question is…apart from WSO in central london, are there any other UK streams that i dont know about? i know the uk has many high level players but i dont hear or see that much from these guys. Hell until i proper started watching religiously i thought there were no high level players outside of London.

It’s disappointing that the information on these things are very limited and id love to find streams of high level play from other areas around the UK…not that i would expect it to match the level of Ryan Hart, F-Word, Andreas etc. but just to see where my level (although i know its not high) is especially with the capcom 25th anniversary tournament coming up! which i exspect every sfplayer in the uk too attend

any info is more than welcome. cheers


why do they have to be from the uk?
are you trying to get meet ups and get togethers going in your area?


They may be high level players, however they are the cannon fodder of high level play. The buffer between the best and the rest (like me or you), you don;t see them that much because they aren’t generally worth watching. If I wanted to see I’m still the daddy body some noob I’d go play him on-line lols, so he can destroy me for 20 games then leave cause I win once… stupid jerk (not you him).

Check out pandaxgaming, I think it’s a UK based stream… the pandagon lols


no not looking for meet ups! The reason why i was asking about uk specifically is because i wanna know who’s playing around the country and the level people are at.

I’d like to agree that these guys are at the lower end of the high level competition but i think thats harsh…considering they dont consistently play at major tournaments, the only thing to really go on is their online matches! and these guys are the best there is with each individual character…but it means nothing if they poo their pants playing in front of people.

To be frank i was hoping for some player in manchester or somewhere else to say “Yo london isnt all the uk have in terms of competition, look at what we’re doing blahblahblah” but that never happened so for now ill assume that london is the only place to play and all other regions are free


I was in Manchester yesterday haha.

Middlesbrough has a scene at its University (Teesside), I’ve been once and they play tons of games. Not sure how they are with SF, but if they match their BB play with SF, they’re damn good.

Me, personally. I want to say I’m average, but I’m not. Below average, but I love FG’s.

With Blazblue, Guilty Gear, SCV and especially KOF, the North East is not free. When I say we have the best KOF players, I honestly mean it. London cannot touch this shit. I know 1 guy who plays at Teesside Uni, but a few people a bit further into Yorkshire are incredibly good at it. Like genuine high level players.


That’s really cool and all…but what are these guys names? are they streaming or posting videos? do they go to tournaments?

I’m not to familiar with those scenes but if theres some place i could see these players then awesome but if not
then im kinda stuck just hearing rumors!


dude you are on the wrong site really. go to neoempire there is a pretty healthy scene in manchester they have monthly tournies on sf4 and marvel etc. i havent really seen many of them post in here though they tend to stick over there it seems (although i dont know why really since theres much more info on these boards.)

i played marvel with them once and there is some nasty shit going on there that i havent really seen anywhere else, i dont think they really advertise it much though, which is a shame.