Brockville and Surround Area Thread 2009

im opening an arcade/cyber cafe. anyone in the area that plays? i wanna hold tournies.

:confused: What’s a Brockville? :confused:

Brockville is halfway from Ottawa to Kingston! So in a few words in the middle of nowhere lol

ottawa would come. Make sure you have good games there though.

and get D&D: SOM!!!

get SF4 and i’ll be there

What an odd location for a business that caters to a niche crowd.

it is also gonna be a cyber cafe and computer service location. there is none in town. ill let you guys know when i am making game selection and you can tell me what you want.

i moved here from toronto about 4 or 5 months ago. i used to play 3s at young and dundas and a little bit of marvel. (yorkdale was my marvel joint) my girl is some special pharmacist so she got a job for $55 an hour with a $30k signing bonus. this town has no entertainment and tons of young people who walk the streets and do nothing. it will do good. i will hold tournies for whatever anyone wants.

Around how far a drive is it from the downtown Toronto core? Or better still, do you have an address yet?

Jeez, Brockville is 4 hours away :frowning:

I hope it work out for you. Do you know what kind of space you’d be allocating for video games? Type of cabinets? mixed genre or fighting game specific?

a good 3 or 4 hours. just head east on the 401!!

It’s way too far out to make an intentional visit, but i’ll definitely make it a point to stop in if i’m in the area.

the place is gonna be about 1000 square feet if i get the unit i want. fighters and other various stand up cabinets on one side with ddr, racers and shooters on the other. the middle is gonna have a pool table or two with as many gittoni tables as i can fit. the back part is gonna have 4 gaming computers and 2 regular internet pc’s. the other part is gonna have a counter where i will be working on repairs and give quarters drinks ect.

my only advice would be try to and get 5 gaming pcs, cs teams like to lan at cafes, and its 5 to a team.

im gonna start with 4 gaming and 2 internet pc’s. i will also be custom building computers out of the place so exanding on these will be easy and quick as long as i see that people will use it.

id be tempted to visit, the possiblity of a new tourney venue is also very nice, itd atleast have to have the big 3 CVS2 3s and Marvel, anything else is personal prefrence

put it near a school/university/shopping mall area

lol maybe this could be a spot to hold tournaments for ottawa vs. toronto, cuz its halfway inbetween

i definitely will have the big 3 and will hold regular tourneys. im even working on getting the latest guilty gear.

oh shit son, i’m in

even if it takes me 2 hours to get there

is there even a bus that goes from downtown ottawa to brockville?

you can take the train but i dont think that there is a bus. cant you guys carpool?

btw, opening weekend is gonna be free play