Broke Button QD

I need help, i was trying to mod my arcade stick and i was removing the QD from my buttons using a pair of pliers. the problem is that i did remove the QD from the button but part of the button(the gold prong) is still attached to the QD, can anyone help?

i’m thinking i can cut the broken QD and get another one from lizardlick, i think that might work but i don’t know

Depending upon how much of the tab is left, you may have to just solder directly to it, there may not be enough for the QD to connect to. You can get a small pack of QDs for about $2 from Canadian Tire or any automotive shop. Places like Home Depot or Lowes may have them too.

i can replace the button, the concern is the qd itself. i’m thinking i can cut off the wire it’s attached to and use another qd, or maybe i can use something to pry it out

If you have a tool that’s small enough, you can pry the QD open a little, which should let you pull the prong out. Then, if necessary, you can squeeze the QD with pliers to tighten it again. QDs aren’t really made to handle that sort of treatment, so be gentle…of course, if you were going to replace the QD anyway…

i already fixed it, i used a small pushpin to push the piece of prong out, the stick works fine now, just need to replace buttons