Broke into arcade at work

so i lock picked the arcade (mvsc2) at my work and managed to change the setting (coughandgotquarterscough)

the damage level was set on maximum and timer speed was set to fastest.
i set it to lowest and slowest and also fixed a button. games were ending to quickly so i got frustrated and worked on fixing that. anyways i succeeded and extremely happy.

but what do you guys think? should i change it back? do you think the owners will notice? i dont really know who maintains it and what the procedures are. thoughts and opinions would be appreciated

How the heck should we know how the manager will react? The obvious answer tho, is what would you think about people running around in your arcade changing the game settings? He probably had it set like that for a reason… or not, why didn’t you just ask him? I’m sure he wouldn’t mind you fixing one of the buttons at least.

Hey wait that was you?

You’re fired!

my manager knows nothing about games. as far as im concerned he wont notice a thing.

however the guy who collects the coins an repairs the machine might know more.

but i dont really know because i dont know who does that or when they do that.

doubt ill get fired. i just dont want them to remove the game

personally? if it was my personal arcade… i would have it set the way i changed it too. the way it was set before was to eat as many quarter as possible.

it wasnt good because any lucky super would end the game. one simple mistake would lose the match. all anyone had to do was switch charaters the wrong time and it was over… at least now theres a chance for a come back after…

ps… i asked my manager who is in charge of the game, said i wanted to ask him to adjust the settings… he wouldnt tell me. said i was probably going to jump the guy… lol

Lowest and slowest seems like a bad plan - why not just set it to 2/2 like all normal machines?