Broke my SE stick - any suggestions?

I was playing some vs with my friend and suddenly the joystick on my SE just stopped responding. I’ve had issues with it in the past (sticking in one direction) but the stick just completely stopped working. All of the buttons are fine and stick is registered perfectly by my 360. I don’t want to send it back into MadCrapz since god knows when I’ll get it back or if it’ll even come back in a working form. If I was going to replace the stick, how hard is the process and should it work fine after I replace it? I’m worried that the problem might not be the stick but something wrong with the circuit boards or wiring. Any suggestions?

I would just replace the joystick with a sanwa and see how it goes. If it’s still broked then buy a cheap second hand controller and replace the pcb. If you’re not confident though just send it back. You will probably have to wait just as long as replacing it anyway, as all the arcade parts stores are back logged with order.

Call Mad Catz’ customer service before you void your warranty. As long as your warranty is still in place, you’ll at least get some suggestions. You should read the SE hardware thread in tech talk.

If you know you don’t want to send it in to Madcatz, then you may as well open it up because the warranty’s meaningless to you (if you’re mechanically inclined). It’s probably just the washer problem, in which case you might only need to cover up the PCB so the washer doesn’t short out any traces and/or (worse yet) recreate a trace using solder or even pencil lead (depending on who you ask). You’d also want to glue the washer down. Ordering a new Sanwa JLF ($25) will also likely take care of it.

Unless you’ve been really violent with the thing, I’d be surprised if the problem was the main board or wiring.

This is a known issue. Please use the search function next time, to avoid cluttering the site. Look at the already existing SE issues thread.

In short, you will need to send your stick in to Mad Catz for repair, or order after market parts to fix the issue.


There are more options as suggested earlier in this thread. I suggest opening it up. That’s what I did to fix my washer issue. It’s a bitch to take off the restrictor plate, but once that’s off it’s an easy fix, just apply super glue in a circular fashion underneath the washer and it will stick in place. It helps to have the needle nosed tipped glue dispenser and it will make things a lot easier. Once you glue it, your stick should be good to go.

Don’t send it back to Madcatz as you’ll have to wait it out, not to mention shipping a large item is expensive and a waste of money. But yeah, there’s a sticky on this issue… this isn’t only happening to you. You are NOT special.

Replacing the stick with a Sanwa should solve the problem, as others have said, and honestly, will probably get it back to working faster than if you sent it in. It’s a simple drop-in replacement, if you can work a screwdriver you’ll be able to handle it. The exact stick you want is either a JLF-TP-8YT or a JLF-TP-8YT-SK, depending on if you want the shaft cover or not. If you feel like changing button colors, now would be the time to do it, they’re just as easy to swap out and the Sanwas are a lot higher quality.

Check through the trading post to see if someone is selling one local, or look into one of the shops. I recommend, they seem to be the least behind, with people using EMS getting their items in 7-8 days recently.

Since the stick has completely stopped responding, it’s also possible that his PCB traces has been chewed up. There were some folks suggesting using a #2 pencil to redraw them to get the PCB functioning again. Has anyone else tried that? How about using a conductive pen to draw them instead?

its pretty simple just buy another stick from a online retailer or something open the case (your warranty will voided take the screws from the stick and unscrew the stick. Just make sure you buy a compatible stick.