Broke My TE Stick

So I may have screwed up my TE stick a bit. After tossing my stick around, my stick won’t register :ub:, :u:, or :uf: anymore. I can register :u: if I move my stick well past the click noise and to the edge, but it will never register :ub: or :uf:. I think I may have made something loose after tossing it to the ground too many times. I’ve opened up my stick, but I really don’t know a thing about electronics. Do you guys have any idea what I may be able to do to solve this before resorting to buying new parts?

Will the part be:

It’s prolly best to get the whole assembly, rather than the micro switches. Oh yeah check the connection wire, if it’s busted or not. lizardlick sells those as well:

check for any loose wires, or other weird stuff, if everything looks fine but is still the same bad situation just grab the 2nd one you linked