Broken and missing back panel and side of SFIV Round 2 TE


Ive got the Round 2 SFIV Fightstick. A long time ago I dropped it and some pieces of the side broke off inside. A couple days ago The actual joystick came apart I guess and I opened up the back and fixed the stick. Arcade stick works fine, but when I was opening up the back,the side broke off (the plastic just…broke?) and the plastic connecting some screws broke too. I couldnt unscrew some screws and some others came stripped so I had to force the back off. anyway, now my fight stick is really messed up apperance wise but works fine gameplay wise. Just wondering if theres anyway I can put something on the back of the stick so the wiring isnt exposed, but im kind of doubting it because theres some screws stuck in there that wont come out, and wondering if I could cover up the side but Idk how or with what because it literllay broke off…


Post pics of the damage. Maybe some bodyshop experts might be able to help.


Ill try, no camera today at least but ill try tommorow