Broken Arm Needs Repairing



I’m having a problem connecting the zip loop from zip up forward medium to the jumping medium any advice. Also I hear that zip lining across the top of the screen isnt a good way to get in so are there any other ways to get in easier for spencer . My team is spencer vergil hawkeye


Great team, top tier. Zipping from above with that team is fine, as long as you know that your assist will hit. The best way to approach with that team is just ground zip after you call a assist. Or ground abc assist zip forward and mix it up between a over head or staggered c.l also diagonal zip after a assist is pretty safe so just mix it up yah dig?


for the zip loop, after the zip UF when youre at the tip of the jump and about to start falling press the B
for approach - jump back / netural jump call hawkeye zip DF or hawkeye wavedash forward