Broken Balls :(


So I made the infamous thread about these balls bought from ebay. This is the followup! I got them today and the two seimitsu balls are cracked. Here:

How easy do these balls crack? I don’t know if they cracked during shipping or he sent them cracked. They were packaged very well and padded so I don’t know what to think anymore.



Obviously your karma from the previous thread has returned to shatter your balls.


I think you were sold cracked balls.

I have a few that I dropped recently, but remained scratchless. Those must have been dropped pretty high up and onto some hard surface.


Zing! :smiley:

Maybe they were exposed to hot/cold? They shouldn’t have cracked though.




Ah, geez. He sent me an email saying he’d take them back if I paid for shipping. I guess I will…


tonyonthemoon, :shake:


looks like the balls probably cracked when the threading was put in during manufacturing. the crack lines dont seem to be going up the ball, only on the bottom. if it doesnt show when installed and it doesnt affect the movement, id say keep them, its not worth the shipping cost.


Uhmm…thats why theyre cheap


thats how i got them new i thought it as normal dude


Do people have ball-tops cracked like mine that have lasted? I’d like to hear from someone with experience before I ship them back. I personally don’t care if they are cracked as long as they last me.


I have never before seen any balltops or bubbletops cracked directly from Sanwa or Seimitsu before. The only time I have seen them crack is when I’ve used custom made ones. I have dropped a couple of balltops from about 4 feet in height onto concrete while on a stick only had a few scratches in the plastic. That’s pretty messed up that they arrived like that. Seller should take them back without making you pay shipping since he never said they were cracked. Common sense says they do not get manufactured with a big ass crack in them.


dude thats how i bought them, if i dropped them they would be scratched and they are not scratched, if i played hard, my joystick would be bent too, i never threw them across the room or nothing or went bowling with them, now im fucking pissed off im not taking back shit fuck all you guys


You’d figure buying shit from an idiot was a bad idea.


Are you sure about that? I’d rather do it civil. Can I ship it back or do I have to go through paypal and file a complaint?

Anyway, I’ll be PM’ing the rest.


Since you bought them from ebay you can file a claim since they came in broken and it wasn’t listed as such in the auction.


pm sent send me back the balls first and ill refund your money since u opened up your claim and made it public, you can also open up an ebay claim if you like, also if you want a partial refund let me know ill take those 2 balls back, but i need to receive my item and you will get your money mr leonetti




The only thing embarrassing is your attitude.


Don’t want to get embarrassed, don’t do shady shit. It’s like the golden rule of the internet.