Broken button on Asus VH232


Is there a way I can remove the face plate of the monitor so I can repair this? The button is pushed in and it makes it very difficult to go from VGA to HDMI. Are there specific tools for this job that I need?


Tool List
Screw driver with exchangeable bits + the bits to the type of screws your monitor needs
Philips screw driver
Flat head Screw driver
pad of paper and a pen (for note taking)
Digital camera (for taking internal pics of your monitor as a reference guide and if lost to show us what part your looking at.
Soldering iron
Utility knife, Exacto Knife or hobby knife.
bits, boxes or plastic bags to hold and sort screws and various parts.

I checked as there No actual guide out for your monitor, but I will tell you what you need and might expect.

You need what ever type screw bits for the screws your particular monitor use.
I also have a pad of paper and pen ready and if you have one a digital camera (you need to take notes and photos on how the thing comes apart.
The actual repair on the button, I can’t say as I don’t know how it is mounted inside. Take photos.

Likely the contacts underneath your VGA/HDMI button slipped or failed.
If you are lucky you can set the plastic back into place as reseat the thing.
Otherwise you have to by pass this button and place a small push button else where on the monitor.

Preferably a tiny momentary push button switch

Shown larger that its actual size

A push button like this can be found in Radio Shack or Fry’s

If this is all too much for you I consider not repairing the monitor and replacing it instead.
Keep in mind in the PC repair field LCD Monitors are considered a Field replaceable unit, which mean in plain English DO NOT attempt to Fix as the repair is unfeasible or even dangerous. Like PC Power Supply Units (high voltage hazard) or CPUs (if its done its trash, chuck it).


Hmmm. I was so sure that this thread didn’t get posted. I will make sure to take photos and post them. Thank you for the response. The monitor happened to slide in around in a car and the only thing that happened to take a hit were the plastic buttons.


Next time you are transporting a monitor , make sure it us secure and the monitor it self is padded.
Several people swear by wrapping a monitor or TV in a large blanket. You might want to position the monitor between other objects to minimize movement.