Broken buttons

Sooooo…I KNOW that someone has got to have posted this before but I CANNOT find it, through skimming and searching function. SO please if there is another thread please direct me and sorry for wasting time.

I have a xbox 360 TE round 2 stick. I dropped my TE stick and now my “Y” button doesn’t work. I opened up and the quick connects look normal. Everything seems to be connected ok…is there any trouble shooting guides or tips you can give me to try to solve the issue? Is it possible the button isn’t making contact? or something?

Try touching the two QDs together. If they work, your button is broken, if not, it may be something else.

So, I disconnected the QDs, touched them and nothing happened. So I followed their wires down to where all the QDs connect to a black panel. Then from that black panel a thin wide wire connects to another board where the joystick also connects. I pushed down on all those connections there, touched the QDs again, and bam, they work!!

Thanks for the help man!

if the button not working properly and doesn’t work again whenever you fix the problem, you can always switch the microswitches.

No problem, glad you figured it out. =D