Broken Cord?


Hi tech talk, I lent my friend my HRAP-EX and he was a little too rough and pulled out the center part of the cord (the part you connect the dongle to.) I was wondering if it was possible to take a cord from another 360 controller (in this case a guitar hero guitar.) and use electrical tape to attach the two. I’m sorry if this has been answered, thanks for the help!


Do you have pictures? Cause i have no idea what place you’re talking about


no dont use tape use heat shrink tubing its better


Electrical tape will work though, But it’s hell to get off. Try to make it so the sticky glue isn’t on the cord so tape it reverse if you get what im saying


I can take some if needed. The sticks cord is cut before the dongle part.

I’m guessing I should strip both wires?


What please take pictures, Cause i have no idea what you’re talking about