Broken disk help!


hi i got the sfxt special edition 60$ for xbox360 and i did love it so iwas playing and my brothing walked by and kicked -or what sounded like a stomp- my xbox360 and now i cant play online or play arcade or versus OR training mode and ive tried the toothpaste thing and nothing seemed to work so should i go to gamestop and see if they will fix it or what ?


Buy a lottery ticket.


tattle tail on your brother

good lord.


So did he kick, or stomp it? I can’t help you unless I have this information.


Proven fact children shouldn’t own consoles…


he said he kicked it so i guess


lol yeah he is 12 and im 15 and he like anoyys me and always comes to me and talks about what chars he should play and he claims he is the best -facepalm-


If you can, install the game to your hard drive, then it won’t matter if your disk is cracked. I’m in the same boat with you and installing it worked a charm.


i dont have a hardrive piece and when i tried on my cousins it said in a message the disk is to scratched


Which toothpaste did you try doing the “thing” with? Make sure it’s the one with the 3 colored stripes!


You’re out of luck then, I’m afraid.


ah …now why is this? why the 3 striped one and im guessing colgate total…i used the blue one with the tiny white squares in it


Flush it down the toilet, its the only logical choice left to do.


haha how much are hard drives? and my friend also owns sfxt and he would copy for me


buy a super fine grade sand paper and rub it on the disc. The data should be sanded back into place after a while.


That’s what you’re supposed to do with turds in the first place.


this explains so much of why there are lame threads popping up…2012 SRK cannot compare to its past…

15? so there is no age limit to joining this forum?..


Omg lolz what nub he sounds hella anooyying if i were u i wood kik his ass and sorry abought you’re game that sux


Just buy some disk fix gems. That oughta do it.


It’s called get your parent’s to do some freaking parenting

In the likelihood that this will fail, post the broken pieces to Capcom explaining what happened along with a 1000 word letter titled “Why Ryu is better than Jin”. You’ll get extra credit if you include drawings and post them here. :coffee: