Broken Equipment Appreciation Thread

Broken Equipment are two dudes who make cartoons that are parodies with dead on impressions of your favourite rappers for YouTube. They are the people behind “Dipset: The Movie” and various original parody songs of the internet’s favorite rappers.








Anyone else a fan of these dudes? The beats to their parody songs are really good!

omfg that wayne/kanye shit is hilarious. The only thing that disappointed was that kanye didn’t say “luis vuitton”, lol.

I seen some of the others though, but damn, I’m dying here with that lil’ wayne shit. Matter of fact, I don’t think you can imitate lil’ wayne any better than that.

Is Fingers in my Azz on there? I don’t want to look them all up. that shit was classic. Their Jeezy is picture perfect :lol:

haha, I’m lovin these dudes.


Fingaz in my ass is the 4th one.