Broken game is broken

Holy hell, I can’t even watch this game on stream at Evo. Every single match the exact same thing, one combo kills 80% of the cast. And then you get the life lead and it’s game over, because the second your character comes in you’re magically caught in some ridiculous combo again. Rinse and repeat for the last guy. The only chance you have in this game is having Phoenix on deck if your opponent gets the first hit in the game. That’s it.

Hopefully UMVC3 can somehow fix this, because anytime one combo kills a character, without you even being able to anything other than turtle, the game is trash.


Why waste your time posting if you hate this game so much?

cept for the second one the matches have been pretty good so far…

if you dont like the game you dont like it… do you post about every other game you dont like?

Whiny thread is whiny.

Its def. a BS game, but its addicting.

No one makes you watch