Broken glass arcade panel (I'm back from the dead!)


So I posted many months ago inquiring about breaking safety glass for a neat art design.
After many months of dealing with real life I got back on track and pretty much did the painting to all the gluing in a week. I decided the best thing to do would be to paint the glass, then break it, then glue it on with loctite. My friends felt I should just leave the rest black, so I did one better and left them clear.
It looks a ton cooler up close, but I thought I’d share a pic of what I ended up doing.

I ended up ditching the plexiglass entirely and will simply pour a layer of epoxy resin on top of the layer of glass. From the videos I’ve seen epoxy resin is some amazing stuff. Plus it should give the colored area a little more glossy shine.

Edit: Adding a side angle, the color kinda looks lame in the first pic.

Edit 2: The pics I took are 10MP so I cut a chunk out of one at full size.


thats sick


Looks like a stained glass cathedral window. Maybe a Van Gough even.


I’m so impressed. Great job dude.


Funny you should mention that, for a while I was looking into buying scraps of stained glass off eBay.
I ended up buying 6 panes of 12x16 tempered glass for about $20.

Thanks for all the kind words everyone, I was actually worried I didn’t do enough with it :slight_smile:
This is actually the first one I’ve ever made so I feel I lucked out :slight_smile:

I was considering making a few arcade character designs stained glass stile in the top area but was advised against it.
The thing that’s neat is the black oval in the middle of each piece is where the loctite dried so the edge o each piece stands out.


That looks really sick. Very nice use of the glass. Out of curiosity what is the end use of this going to be as one doesn’t see a lot of 4 players panels around here.


Just gonna be a 4 player MAME. I highly doubt I’ll ever be playing 4 player Simspons/Turtles/Avengers but I felt I’d rather have it than not :slight_smile:
I’m planning to put an old receiver inside the MAME, I’ll use the B stereo outputs for the arcade, and the main 5.1 for my game room itself.
That way the PC can double as a jukebox of sorts. Once I get enough spending money I want to get a projector as well so I can use the setup for movies. I could also set the PC to dual video out so that it’d project the game on the wall for people to watch.

You can really pick this glass up cheap, a single plate would probably be enough for the lap style controller :slight_smile:

The resin just arrived an hour ago, I’m gonna do some tests on scrap pieces tomorrow. But yeah the glass was $20, the resin was $20, and I can’t remember the price of the 2 tubes of loctite I think they were $3.50 each. I guess my point is other than the time involved, it was surprisingly cheap vs. buying a 2x4ft piece of lexan, and looks pretty :slight_smile:


thats awesome




OOooo Weeeeeeee That’s Hot!