Broken Headphone Jack


So I left my TE stick on the ground with the headphone jack plugged in. Got kinda drunk… And I stepped on it by accident. Now it’s got the broken tip lodged in there. Not sure how many others this has happened to, but any quick tips before I start tearing this thing up?


i’m surprisingly having this same problem right now. But from i’m understanding, it’s not a simple “open up and take out” as the Mic port is a separate piece and requires some soldering.

At least this is from what my friend told me last night as he took his apart to take a look. I’d love to know otherwise since this thing has been stuck in mine for about a week.


your going to get frustrated trying to take it out is all i can say.

i guess you can try finding a very small drill bit, drill in, then sticking something in it with glue, wait for it to dry (hard part imo), then pull it out.

wait for other sugestions though