Broken mad catz se options


I was doing a mod to my fight stick (basically sanding the metal face to give it a brush metal look).
I reconnected everything after finishing up, and only a few buttons were working.
I’m sure that the PCB fried up, because after a little bit after nothing would register.
Now, my main question is…
What options do I have for fixing the stick???
anyone know where I can get a pcb for the fightstick???
or is it better to go down the cuthulu route???


I’d imagine there are ways for you to make sure and test the PCB is broken, but if that really is the case. . .

Do you have a PS3 or 360 fightstick? If you have a PS3 one (or want PS3 support anyway) i’d wholeheartedly suggest a Cthulhu. It’s going to probably be the cheapest and easiest install option for a replacement PS3 PCB. (Or PS2 / NGC / Xbox support if you get the MC one)

On the other hand, if you have a 360 PCB in need of replacement, I’d suggest the SF4 fightpad if you can find one. I haven’t personally padhacked the Mad Catz (not so SF4) pad, but the SF4 pad is very nice and easy to work with. The contact points are pretty obvious and no resistor trickery before you can get it to work. Of course, it’s common ground too in case you feel the need to dual mod.

All that said though, no idea how sanding the metal face would mess up the PCB. . . .

In any case, hope this helps!


my dumb ass probably shorted the board by not being grounded or some shit…
i have bad luck when it come to electronics sometimes…


Please, PLEASE tell me the metal plate was removed before you worked on it. Seems stupid to ask, but I’ve seen people do things that made me shake my head wondering how they function.
Anyway, its easy to short these things out if you’re not careful, that’s why a static wristband is so important when handling a circuit board.


haha…yeah…i took the plate off…
i might be a noob but not stupid…


You should get a can of compressed air and air every part of your case. I’m sure some shavings fell into some places that you might not know of.

hummer check your PMs if you havent already.