Broken Madcatz TE fightstick, how to fix it?

Hey guys,

I have a madcatz TE fightstick, the stick just stop working last night, all the buttons are fine, but i can’t move in any directions.

I tired all the switches near the turbo buttons, character still not moving.

any idea why? and how to fix it?

should i replace the stick part? or it’s a motherboard problem since it’s not moving in all directions?

Thank you!

Make SURE, be 100% positive that the switch is set to either LS or DP and NOT RS.

If not, then it could be a number of things. Your best bet would be to call Mad Catz for tech support. If that doesn’t work in your favor it could be an easy fix depending on what you find out if you decide to open it.

I’m having a similar problem with my SE, it works on DP but not LS. Even on the Xbox menu I can’t use it on LS. My computer won’t recognize it anymore either for MAME. :frowning:

You can’t use LS on the Xbox menu, it only works with dp.

…isn’t it supossed to function as left thumbstick? I’ll try SF4 with LS and see how it works

edit: huh, i guess it works. Wonder why it doesn’t work with my PC anymore though :frowning:

I’m having a similar problem with my stick. It works in LS for the game but doesn’t work in DP at all. I have to push down on the switch while its on dpad for me to navigate.

Is there any reason or simple fix for that control switch to work properly?

Sounds like a problem of the switch not getting a good connection between ground and the DP signal. What mode does it go to when you put it in DP?

It just doesn’t work, it works fine in LS. When I have it on DP i have to put pressure on the switch that switches it between RS,LS,and DP for it to work so i can navigate through the xbox menu. With no pressure my joystick doesn’t navigate.

One option is to connect a ground to the DPAD point on the turbo panel. It’s what I would do. But then you don’t have the option to switch to LS or RS. However, RS doesn’t work on any menus, and LS has a bit of lag. But, if you want to use them, then this otpion wouldn’t work. It sounds like the switch can’t make a good connection. By any chance is your turbo panel PCB not screwed on tight enough?

Sounds good to me, I don’t even care about RS or LS. How would I even go about doing so? I’ve checked the turbo panel and everything is connected fine and screwed on tight.

Actually, I looked into it. The problem is probably that your switch is connecting RS to ground, and DP is supposed to be unconnected.

What you could do is pull out the wire harness that has L STICK and R STICK on it from the turbo panel, but you will lose a few of your turbo LEDs. But if you don’t use turbo, which you really shouldn’t, then it won’t really affect anything.

I don’t use the LS or RS or the turbo at all even so that shouldn’t matter. Thank you so much for your help. Problem will be figuring out how to do this.

Just unplug the rightmost harness from the turbo panel. There are three. They are underneath the portion that looks like this:

It might be stuck in with a bit of glue. Just keep pulling.

trying this tonight. Thank you so much.