Broken mic port on SS4 arcade stick

so i consider myself a tech guy but since i paid so much for this stick and it being my first AND the fact that i voided the warranty by putting a octo gate in it i thought the smart thing to do is ask the masters for help and advice…i had my headset plugged into my ss4:TE fight stick and me being in a wheelchair i sometimes cant tell what my legs are laying on when im laying down and really into a game…long story short my headphone plug broke inside of the port and it is impossible to get out…what should i do? is there a mod i can do?

There will probably be better ideas but if it’s just the plug broken off inside, I would take epoxy and dab an extremely tiny bit on the end of a thick paper clip and prop it against the plug. Wait the harden time and see if you can gently remove it.

I was going to suggest super glue, then I read Pyro’s Post and saw he suggested epoxy.

its just the little tip of the plug like the very tip…small enough to not really see yet big enough to not let me plug another mic in…should i try anyway or just get a wireless mic?..thanks for your time guys i appreciate the help