Broken or Worth Learning?


I’ve been trying to 100% SFIV Vanilla, doing the hard trials, and realized I need a lot more online reqs to do it. This may seem whiny to some, but I am truly seeking sound advice, though I realize this might also be troll bait.
I jumped online and played a semi-decent player I guess you’d say. This dude was doing focus attacks heavy, and sadly I was getting hit by a majority of them. I looked up armor breaking moves and there are few, IF ANY, that are ground based or can be used to negate a Lvl 2 or 3 FA. I tried to backdash on wake-up to avoid them (which I presume is character specific), and still got nailed.
This made me really contemplate this game and whether it’s broken or worth learning.
I have played FGs since 92, the inception, and while I never sought tournament level play, I did play at the Arcades a GREAT deal. I was never stellar, but I held my own.
I just got my 360 at X-Mas so I have not had much time with any of the newer FGs and implementing FAs into gameplay is something I haven’t focused on (pun not intended).
I feel like I am starting from scratch lately with SF, which is one of two games I played heavily throughout my life, the other being MK. It seems like it is too easy to exploit SFIV vanilla’s engine, to me at least.
Is it worth learning SFIV vanilla, seeing as AE is out and more balanced? OR is it more logical (no, I’m not Vulcan) to spend time learning AE?
Who knows when the OL life of SFIV vanilla will end. Thus achievements for online matches will be less possible. I know it’s not all about achievements and even less so (or more brutal) with a “broken” game.

On top of this, I have SC4 & 5, MK9 UMvC3 and SFxT to play and learn; thus my lengthy thread. Oh, I’m playing stick, I have always thought stick was better and being an arcade OG, I can no longer use a pad controller for most fighting games.


I’m not exactly sure how to answer your post overall, but one point of advice that I can give is on breaking armor: your mention of backdashing on wakeup leads me to believe that your opponents are focusing you on your wakeup, and if that is the case, backdash should work most of the time, as should jumping or throwing. However, if you truly need to break armor, any reversal has armor breaking properties. So, normally, a Shoryuken wouldn’t break armor, but if you do it on the first frame of your wakeup (and get the “REVERSAL” text to pop up) it will.


If you’re getting hit by meaty focus attacks, you’re probably doing something wrong. What char are you playing?


Gouki, Ken - Just to get online Ach Reqs met.

EDIT: Now Ryu as well as he’s just stupid easy to combo with.


It’s not broken. Focus attack works the exact same way in 2012.

I’m not sure vanilla is worth learning though.


If money isn’t an issue, you really should just get AE 2012, simply for the fact that you will be able to find competition in that game for years. Sure, the things you’ll learn in Vanilla can be applied to AE 2012, but you’ll be learning with a dead game that only has a fraction of the characters and ultras. You’ll be completely blindsided by most of the things you’ll encounter in AE 2012 if you do decide to make the leap.

If you just want to get the achievements, by all means, go ahead. That’s probably the only thing Vanilla has to offer in the year 2012 to be honest.


There is no reason to learn Vanilla as it is an older game in a series that isn’t still played at the tournament level.

Most characters have very strong answers to focus attack especially on wakeup, you can always Wakeup DP. Focus attack is by no means a broken mechanic.

If you have never played for tournament levels before and you are seeking to now, then yes you are starting from scratch.


I actually got AE before Vanilla. I wanted to get Vanilla to get achievements & to go through the learning process that people did when Vanilla released.
I definitely liek AE beter, but all I have to do to 100% Vanilla is Hard trials and a few online things, so it’s nagging at me, damn it.
My thoughts are to learn the FAs here and the gameplay strategies that go with them, before dropping Vanilla completely and returning to AE.
Zangief seems to be way overpowered in Vanilla. I think I truly need to work on Wake UP tactics and DPs especially. The timing is different than the other iterations, obviously.


Honestly that will hinder your learning process, if you are starting out the main things you want to focus on are learning fundamentals (The fighting game doesn’t matter as much for this as long as it emphasizes them) and learning the game. AE will have better players for you to learn against and it will help you learn current and relevant matchup experience.

Wakeup game is all about knowing the options on both sides.

Gief is really stupid in Vanilla, but he was never top tier because everyone above him on the tier list had like a 6-4 or better (and I mean much better) against him.


Don’t like Gief in Vanilla? Play Seth or Akuma. That matchup is so free.


Nobody plays Vanilla. And the trials aren’t that usefull. You’re better off getting AE. I guess if you want achievements then its usefull. But theres nobody to even play.


Thanks to all for your advice. After grinding some matches in Vanilla, I have decided it is NOT worth it. They made AE for a reason (other than money that is) and as bitbna so eloquently stated, I am missing relevant match up experience.
My time is better spent with AE, and the other relevant Tournament FGs.