Broken PS3 TE PCB, what are my options?

The PCB is fried on my Madcatz TE and I have no soldering skills whatsoever, what are my options? I’d like to convert into an Xbox stick if possible. Is there a repair service available somewhere? Thanks guys.

You could put in any combination of single console boards (padhacked PS3 or 360 Fightpad) or dualmodded boards (Fightpad + ChImp or PS360+).

the only solderless board that would get you 360 support is the 360. how do you know your system is actually fried? What happens when it is plugged in and do you know the cause? If you dont want to troubleshoot it yourself, you could try posting in the need a local modder thread.

I had an electrician take take a look at it, he had that tool that reads if there is any power going to the board. Where can I order a replacement PCB?

easiest option is to buy a PS360+

I’m hijacking this thread fuck it. I have an 1st GEN TE stick and the thing is stuck on the d/f direction. It’s not the micro-switches or the 5-PIN, it’s something with the PCB. I’ve got the PCB out and in front of me and I want to know exactly where on the board a fault would be that would cause this and if I it is possible to fix via soldering or cleaning AKA not buy a new PCB.

You sound like me last week. Good luck to you, I just ended up shipping it back to the eBay seller, since mine had the exact same issue out of the box when he said it was tested.

Check this site out for options. Some plug and play or soldering PCBs depending on your budget. I’ve heard good things from all that have used each kind. Good luck!