Broken ribbon cable. Help.


So, I was modding my Hori Mini 4., well, not exactly modding it. But I bought a Hori Mini 4 to replace the PCB inside my Hori V3 since it’s a PS3 stick and that more and more games like dragonball are coming out on the PS4 without legacy support (I play in PC but of course, when it comes to tournaments, then…)

I was lucky I got Hori 4 for only $20 but here’s what happened.

When I put the Mini 4 PCB, rewired everything for Mini 4 PCB to my buttons and joystick on V3, everything worked, until I re-assembled it back.
Checking it, it seemed that the ribbon cable was broken.

It got detached to the main PCB where PS/OPTIONS/SHARE buttons are located.

Now, I was wondering, I want to solder the ribbon again back to the main PCB, but the problem is, the solder and hole is too small…

Any help in getting those removed?

PS: No access to solder wick/braid(very sure) or flux(I think)
PPS: I have a desoldering pump but man, is it hard to remove the small solder and only spreads it instead.

Here’s what the cable and where(arrow is pointing) it got detached (photo not mine, only used for reference because it’s the same PCB):


You could solder over the top of the points instead of going through the holes. Or you could just replace the ribbon cable with a series of regular wires.


Just using regular copper wires for it? Really?


That all a ribbon cable is, just a bunch of copper wires
Only in a ribbon cable the wires are stuck together.


Oh, I see. Thank you very much for all the help. :smile: