Broken Sanwa Snap in buttons?

So while trying to mod my stick with a new spring and replacing art, two of my old Sanwa buttons’ snap inpiece snapped apart. They’re still connected to the button, but have now went inside so it can’t hold in the case as well anymore. I have parts coming in soon, but in the meantime, is there any way to fix this?

I can take pics if it’ll help you guys get a better idea on what’s going on.

pics pls!!

I had that happen on a few of my older buttons, there’s nothing you can do, the plastic has broken. It’s probably had constant pressure on them, rather than having room to pop back out as they should.

Temporary fix would be to get a thin rubber band and wrap it from the inside to keep it from popping out.

I took pics. Glare fucked up the images. Gotta darken it in photoshop real quick. I don’t think snap ins are worth it now compared to using nuts.

edit: It’s not gonna darken correctly. I think you guys know what I mean though with them not popping back out. Thanks for the help.

No they’re not. The best way to notice when they’re done is at the bottom of the clip. The edge turns white. I think ALL the stock buttons on the SE broke that way. And one of my Sanwas that I got today got close to that point.

Can’t wait to get my screw-ins :slight_smile:

Me too, I’m getting some sanwa buttons with nuts. Snap ins are good buttons, but my clunky hands can’t treat them carefully.