Broken stick, please help


It’s a Chinese stick made by Sitong. It has been dodgy for a while, I can use it for about 10minutes and then it will stop working and not work for a long time. Stick and buttons are Sanwa and everything is soldered onto a 360 controller psb.

I took it apart today to see if I could figure out why it would stop working. While I was handing the pcb I noticed that the black box thing over the start button was burning hot. The box is circled in the photo below. Any idea why this might be? Anyway to fix it?

More photos can be seen here

If I don’t manage to fix this I may just put a cheap pc psb in there to use the stick with emulators.


You’ve got a short in there somewhere.


Ok, how can I fix this?

Is it a matter of just re-soldering everything to the board?


Yeah that thing is really doggy, Chinese made stick using a MS Xbox 360 PCB. Its one thing we modders do this as our resources are limited its another for a actual manufacturer to reuse parts like this.
And no one uses a MS wired USB PCB due to its difficulty of pad hacking.

That Price that is getting hot is the Voltage regulator, and its dead. if you are really Savvy with electronics you could fix it. Since you are asking us I am safely assuming that is a no.
What you want to do is just ditch the MS PCB and get a brand new PCB.

You could

  1. get a Mad Catz Fight pad and take it apart and pad hack that.
  2. Get a PS350+
  3. Sell that stick and get a diffrent one.


Ok, thanks for letting me know :slight_smile:

I bought this stick a long long time ago, maybe there weren’t other options available yet at that time.

I actually live in Shanghai China and taking a quick look at taobao (the chinese ebay) I’ve found loooots of arcade stick parts. I think I’m gonna order this and stick it in there, I should be able to just connect everything to the buttons and stick very easily and it’s only 5usd. I only need to use it with PC.


Then you don’t even need a Xbox 360 PCB, a PCb for PC has alot more options and is alot more flexible.


Thanks dude :slight_smile: that’s good to know!