broken stick

:sad: i got this crappy arcade stick, it was some weird wireless one i got from amazon

cost like 35 dollars

ive had it for about 2 weeks, but anyway, today i was using it, and all the sudden, i couldnt press down on the stick
all the buttons , and right, left, and up worked
only down is broken
i wasnt pressin hard on it either, i was real delicate

i changed the batterys turned things on and off, tried it on different games and all that, nothin. :confused:

so i decided, i should open it up and maybe see whats wrong, but i couldnt find anythign broken off or anythign like that, it looked perfect

you guys got any idea whats wrong and if theirs any way i could fix it
id really really apreciate it :sweat:

which stick was it?
gonna need pics

i had that stick for a while its cool and all but modding those sticks isnt worth the time really complecated but if you got it off amazon and still have the box for it amazon does have a return system im pretty sure they would replace it if its still under warranty