Broken Super Street Fighter 4 TE "S" edition out of the box?

Just received my TE “S” edition stick in the mail today for the xbox 360. I plugged it into my xbox and none of the directions work, however, all the buttons seem to work.

I tried putting the switch to dpad and all others, it doesn’t seem to matter.

What do I do? Am I missing something, or did MC really send me a broken fucking stick?

make sure the JLF harness is attached onto the joystick properly. You will have to open the top panel to do this.

Brand new out of the Box? Return for exchange or refund.
DOA or Dead on Arrival does happens quite a bit (uncommon but it happens) with all electronics that sent by mail or by a parcel service like Fed Ex or UPS.
I got a Hori once DOA. Get your self an exchange or refund.

Warranty still good, do not open a stick.

I dont know maybe a loose harness. Try it on a pc then back to 360

I forgot all about that LOL.

No he said he tried it that’s why I had to edit it. =/

If i open the top or bottom panel to check, does that void the warranty?

Bottom voids it, top is fine.

this may be a stupid question, but how the hell do you take the top panel off?? I removed the 6 screws on the top, but I can’t get it off. It’s the S edition, so video tutorials don’t seem to apply to this one…has anybody had success with this?

theres double sided tape that keeps the top panel on tight… carefully lift up one side you will see that crud in there… its not really to hard… either work your way around the plastic prying the corners off slowly… or PULL… just be careful… the cables inside have some play but you can damage the internals more if you pull the top panel off too far from the main body…

Just take it off.
It is held on be tape.
Do not be afraid to remove.

Non-Full Panel TE are easier to remove.
Because there is no tape on the Case.
Just on Control Panel.