Broken T5 Stick PCB's

I have three Tekken 5 Hori sticks. I bought two, and one of the pcbs went out on one so I bought another one. Now my newest one quit working for no reason today! WTF?!?!?11

What the fuck is up with this shit. does this happen to anyone else’s T5 Horis?

nope never happened to me

maybe its god giving you a sign telling you to buy a real stick o_O.

Original Thread title: “Im so Pissed off”

I changed the thread title.
No one cares if you are pissed.

Just post a reasonable thread title, and people will try to help you

You know why? It’s beause you suck at SF.

Seriously tho, change it to a Dual Shock PCB. It might not even be the PCB, maybe it’s your PS2.

Yeah that case is great for modding, so if the PCBs blew out then it’s still good.

Unless your ps2’s ports are fried or something.

The ps2 is fine. It’s the pcb for sure. I was just wondering if this was common enough for someone to know of a solution.

If you look closely at the PCB, there seems to be 3 additional components (they look like tiny resistors) aside from the microchip. Perhaps you could check these with a multimeter to see what you can find?

I recall one of the resistors reporting .28 or so on my multimeter.