Broken Takuma in KOF 2002?

I’ve been playing KOF 2002 and when I pick Takuma for some reason he seems to whiff on any and all projectiles he does? What gives?

I can only tell you to retry and look closer at what you call a whiff… :wink:

If this is a joke topic, it fails.

However, if you are completely serious, then it’s hilarious.

Ironic, isn’t it?

Takuma projectiles are no longer visible + short range, but when they hit. Those do hella guard stunn enough so to leave you wide open to another attack immediately after. Study just a little bit more if your being serious

Ummm, its either 2002 or 2003 I dunno, but yeah, for some reason I do a motion for a projectile nothing comes out. Invisible projectiles or do they just flash for a moment or something I dunno. I’ll look into it.

ummm SCRUB UNIT!!!

I forget; Takuma has that sweet-ass palm strike in 2002? If so, it can be considered a close range projectile. Honestly, its not hard to figure out how a move is to be used if you really want to learn a character…

He’s using invisible ki…he’s getting kinda old, and probably focuses more on physical stuff (so he doesn’t feel like a weak old man), and less on ki, therefore his ki attacks are shorter range and no longer visible.

Makes sense. Anyway to the poster, it’s shorter and it’s invisible. You don’t see his ki anymore. Unfortunately T T. But I think he’s still a beast. I think you should watch his KoF NeoWave version during SBO3.


Can anyone help me out? I notice that when I hit the far right buttons, unlike the left buttons, they seem slower but stronger? Can someone help me out here? Maybe SNK just released a broken game I can’t belive it.

Yeah man, wtf was SNK thinking releasing a game with 2 weak and 2 strong basic attacks. That’s so broken. How the hell is this game so popular among fans and in Japan??

What’s even more alarming is that all of SNK’s fighters are like this!!?!111!

I actually found a glitch in this game. Ty not to spread it I’m taking it to EVO. You know how if someone hits you, you lose life? Well, next time someone attacks you, rather than mashing buttons, press back on the joystick and their attack won’t hit you! Doesn’t stop low attacks though so if they duck, run!


Lol, sorry PP, couldnt resist man, but that was a pretty numbskull of a post.

Anyway, do you want to learn KOF PP?

Sure! But tell me what this thing is Random is talking about? It sounds super broken.

Let me get this right,

Even if they HIT YOU, you DON’T TAKE DAMAGE, just by holding back on the stick? WTF Broken city, I guess if they duck you still gotta run though that sucks.

Dude, he was just messing around like I was.

He was referring to blocking.

What r u playing KOF on? Emulator I assume? Since I doubt you would go and buy the game(s) when its apparent you don’t know the fundamental basics.

Holy shit.

you think my posts in this thread were serious.



I thought you were like, playing along…I was just mocking the thread starter, I think you are the only one not to get it. You get like, a cookie or something.

Na, was still playing.

Anyway, you don’t want to learn KOF? What if I told you that you can parry in it?

On topic: Takuma is not broken, deadly yes, but not broken. You can’t win with him much abusing random moves unlike the top tiers.

When I came in here I expected to see a thread about why Takuma was overpowered. Instead I find one about how he was literally not working… This is so stupid it hurts, :frowning:

Yeah seriously and I think Ryo is lying about knowing that Parry was joking.