Broken TE stick, help!


I have had my stick for less than an hour, and while playing noticed the ball top go all the way down almost onto the faceplate. I opened her up and noticed that the stick was still attached to the mounting plate, but the mounting plate isn’t attached to anything. They are still together but just floating around freely in the box. Wtf?!



What are you waiting for bro, just screw that mounting plate back in.


Lol…wow mad catz…

lucky mines wasn’t like that


Sounds like crappy spot welds. Your only choices would be to call MC and see if they’ll give you a bye and take it back for a repair, or a metal fab shop. Though, I read somewhere on here that a guy had a problem and the MC rep gave permission to open and look for the problem. I guess you could call and pretend you haven’t opened it yet and ask if you could maybe you’ll get lucky?


Pics or it didn’t happen :rofl: jk.

Bob : Quick! We need to ship out more TE sticks fast!
Joe : Hold on, I’m almost done.
Bob : It’s fine! Gimme!
Joe : Wait wait! I still need to…
Bob : Too late! Bye


Thats not broken or a defect,it’s a feature of the TE. It’s called the stealth control system. Now you see it, now you don’t.


why didn’t you call madcatz before you opened it up?




Yeah, Shitty spot welding for sure. Bad thing is, it will probably happen to many other TE’s that other people have eventually. I’m gonna call Madcatz tomorrow and tell them I didn’t open it, there is no proof anyways. Madcatz=fail.


Wow, I’m glad I didn’t pick one of these up. Looks like the longer wait for my AIAB will be well worth it.


Madcatz’s warranty policy is what drove me to look for a custom maker, and AIAB in the end. Madcatz provides 90-days in the US, and they encourage you to mod it, but the warranty is voided as soon as you crack it open. Seems counter-intuitive to me. Either don’t encourage modding, or provide a good warranty. I can understand not warranting other parts users install themselves, but warranty void as soon as you crack it open is weird. Because, as is the case here, the user cannot know what is going on until he opens the stick.

AIAB’s warranty, more than anything else, is what made me decide to purchase from Ed than anyone else.


They encourage modding of course, but once you mod it there is no way they can be responsible for it! Imagine if you worked for Madcatz Customer Service:

Customer: Yo, I broke my stick.
MCS: Oh, what is broken?
Customer: Well I put a new stick in and I drilled some holes… Oh and I didn’t know what a PCB was so I threw it out.
MCS: We’ll send you a replacement right away!

Wait… that’s not how I wanted my story to end up…

Anyways you get the point – they can only verify defects on the stock items. While it is made specifically for you to replace the parts, pretty much anything you do to the stick you should be able to consult yourself for when broken, no?

As far as them breaking it themselves – Patience is a virtue. They will fix it, but it’ll take time. Usually this means we take it into our own hands. As far as I know, they spot welded the plate onto the bottom plate – this leads to a low quality self fix.

Perhaps some metal bonding paste, and lots of glue?


I don’t think anybody will trust them again, for a very long time! They had the crappiest record for the 3rd party parts before the T.E. stick, and then they said this was going to be different- people wanted to believe them, even gave them another chance. This time around was the real nail in the coffin. I mean seriously- I played about 6 matches in STHD before it broke. Now, THAT’S a new record. Self destruct complete. :rolleyes:



somone plzz help… the joystick on my madcatz TE stick jus stopped responding period, can somone PLZ tell me how i can fix this??


check the connections on all the wires? make sure the usb cable is still intact too. From the sounds of things, if you arent getting anything, you may not be getting power, there may be a break in the circuit, or… you shorted it >.>