Broken TE stick

Hello everyone!
My Mad Catz TE Round 2 stick seems to be broken. Every light on the stick is on and the stick/buttons are randomly failing. If anyone knows how to fix the stick or got any help at all for me please reply.


that sounds like fun?

kneejerk reaction is to test it on pc first and see what exactly is happening
i’m drawing blanks

the only way i can think of to fix it is to scrap the entire board and use a 3rd party board

Yeah, I’d have to agree with mr. mortified. Without seeing it myself there’s no way to be sure but to me it sounds like the PCB board has some issues.

  1. What console of the TE for.
  2. When does it start to fail… Upon plug in? During play? specific…what buttons? What direction? Use training mode with inputs showing… you play with the stick on your lap or is it on a table.
    5.have you modded it recently?
  3. How long have you had the stick

It might be a pcb problem but theres other possibilities as well… More info please…


  1. Xbox360
    2.It starts failing upon plug in
  2. Its random wich direction or button is failling and after a button or a direction failed it works again after 1-2secs
    4.I play with the stick on my lap
    5.i havent modded it ever
    6.Ive got the stick about 1 1/2 year now

hmm did he fray his usb cable?

it could be the data signals doing random and mixed things…

so did you wrap your usb cable around your TE or put it back nicely in the cord compartment?

also next question do you have access to a soldering iron and have soldering skills

yea I would go with the USB cable goin bad… even placing the cable back into the cord compartment… over time one of the lines in the cable can get brittle and break… loseing connection… the detachable cable part also causes that… replacing the usb isnt too hard if you are handy with a soldering iron. I would say hit up a Modder to find the problem if you arent comfortable opening the stick up and doing some soldering work inside the case.
I wouldnt rule out a bad pcb but from what you describe it sounds more like a USB problem…

just to be sure though if you have soldering skills and iron, you can go ahead and solder a new and/or working cable and see if it works afterwards

If the USB cable was failing, you’d probably be seeing disconnects on the console – “Please reconnect controller” messages. Is that popping up occasionally when you try to play with it? If not, my money’s on something else being the primary culprit.

“Every light on the stick is on” + “random input failures” (instead of “everything stops working for a couple seconds”) tells me something about the board is in a bad way. It’s hard to tell without some more diagnostics, though.

a knowledgeable new member…
such a refreshing thing…

Another question for OP, have you ever dropped your stick or done something severe recently?