Broken TE stick...

Hello, I have a madcatz round 1 TE stick for PS3. Here’s the problem: When I plug it in the PS3 it doesn’t recognize anything ( buttons, stick…) and nothing works. I tried plugging it in my PC just to check and it said corrupted or something. Oh and it probably fell down because the night before ,I put it on the TE Box and in the morning it was on the floor upside down…

The only thing that works is the turbo leds on the sitck but then again I have to spam all the buttons to make the turbo work.

I was thinking that the problem could be the PCB board ( I may be wrong). So I was wondering if anyone knew where I could get a cheap PCB board to replace it.

Thank you very much for your help


It could be a damaged USB cable that is doing the problem. PCs don’t always work with PS3 Round 1 TEs. I’d try looking into fixing the USB cable or having a modder do it for you. [media=youtube]ZUi7BOmkaUM[/media]

Otherwise, you could use a Cthulhu, or pretty much any other PS3 PCB from a Madcatz produced FightStick.

Thank you Nerrage for your quick reply. Do you know where I could find a PS3 PCB ? I’ve only found a dualmod PCB from focusattack. Im not sure if it’ll work or work with turbo.

The Paewang has Turbo, yes. I made an install video of that, too. You can still use the Turbo panel with the Paewang. It’s got a bit of a trick to it, but I can tell you how, if you’re interested.

You can also order the Cthulhu, PS3 only, no turbo, from

Yeah I’d go with the Paewang, with focusattack’s current special. As for the USB cable, there isn’t really any physical damage but I used to store the cable in the front panel of the stick, not sure if it could of broken the cable ?

EDIT: will I have to buy extra wires if install the paewang ?

It’d be easy enough to test by just soldering on a fresh USB cable and trying that before you go replacing the whole PCB to test, if you wanted to. It may not show signs of wear and tear, but if one little wire frays up in the cable by accident, then there goes your stick.

You can cut the wires from the barrier strips, but you could also get a handy wiring quick disconnect set, too. Because there’s a video using that, too!

Alright thanks Nerrage, Im going to use your video to try and fix the USB cable !